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Wedding Event Management Company in Delhi NCR is available for organising any wedding events within your budget. We have special planning, expertise team, and creative ideas for organising your wedding event party. We are a group of professionals who manage pre wedding services and complete after post wedding event services. We best Event Organisers in Delhi NCR take care of client’s satisfaction and expectations , as we know the importance of wedding party in someone’s life. We best Event Management Company in Delhi NCR manage all the decoration, food , engagement, ladies sangeet and reception party arrangements in very enthralling way. We are amaong top event management companies in Delhi NCR and are available 24×7 for wedding event services anywhere in Delhi NCR region. Wedding is one of the happiest moments of every individual’s life and we all want it o be special and unforgettable. Everyone wants it to be perfect and as per the desires. This is one special day that you all have always been waiting for and when it is around the corner then definitely no one wants it that there should be any chance of errors or any mistakes. The planning of a wedding is a complex task and is daunting for an individual to go with. There are so many tasks which require appropriate planning for the wedding. One of the problematic tasks is the management of times because if the activities are not arranged on time then it causes many serious issues at the time of a wedding. It is important for you to accumulate the event management business in the wedding planning. They have the experience in managing such events and they can make arrangements quickly through the links. As they work in the team so that means all the tasks of a wedding are defined to them which benefits in completing the plan on time. Next problem that is there most of the times in a wedding plan is the management of cost. To manage the budget for the wedding, what event management businesses do is that they try to make arrangements on their own and define the budget for every activity that is interlinked with the wedding plan. Employing wedding planners or event management business is one of the best ideas because they have the efficiency of guiding you through the complete process of planning and the wedding day. They assist you in whatever the capacity is required for the wedding. They are useful in refining the ideas, help you in connecting with the adequate vendors, instruct you on the appropriate etiquettes and recommend the methods for using the budget in a wise manner. They are also helpful in keeping your schedules on track and also are helpful in creating the timeline for a wedding day and ensure that everything is being carried out smoothly. If there is no accurate planning of the wedding then anticipating the success of the event is something next to impossible. Everything should be arranged beforehand so that any kind of problems can be alleviated. Events management in Chandigarh is well-known for the efficient wedding planning and ensuring that the event is completed successfully without any issue. We guarantee that the wedding plan has been executed in an efficient manner and as per the requirement of the client. Basically, we assure you that this special day is going to be one of the best moments in your life and memorable one as well.

Best Wedding Event Management Company in Delhi NCR

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Wedding Event Management Company in Delhi NCR offer innovative marriage or wedding party event services like ladies sangeet, barat management, DJ parties, Reception Party, Engagement Party and all different celebration event services anywhere in Delhi and nearby areas. fill contact form in our website our executive will surely contact you asap.

Event Management Delhi: How to prepare for your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it can be quite stressful to plan for an event of that magnitude. That’s where Event Management Delhi comes in. We specialize in organizing various special occasions for our clients and it just so happens that one of our most requested services is our wedding event planning.

We have organized tons of weddings over the years and we have built quite an impressive resume. That’s why we want you to entrust us with this event so we can make your special day much more magical and memorable. 

Even though we want and need you to work closely with us, as much as possible we want you to leave all the stress and hard work to our talented teams. Also, you have the preparations that you have to do. Here are some of the things that you should do to prepare your wedding:

Determine your budget

One of the first things that you should consider is your budget. For men, you should’ve thought of this even before proposing. Early on in your planning stage, you should have already established how much money you are going to spend for your wedding. 

Your budget is not limited to the actual ceremony itself. There are several factors that you should take into account when you’re determining your budget such as:

  • The event organizers
  • The catering
  • The location
  • The photographers and videographers
  • The take-home goodies
  • The wedding gown
  • The suit

Luckily for you, you can already cross out the first item on this bullet list because Event Management Delhi won’t cause you a fortune and you will surely get value for your money. 

Hire an event planner

Look no further than Event Management Delhi to plan and organize your special day! We will make sure that your wedding will turn out just the way you visualized it. 

Hiring an event planner is extremely helpful for planning an event that’s as important and big as this one. This allows you to lift the burden off of your shoulders and relax as you prepare yourselves for your special day. You can rest easy knowing that your wedding is in perfectly good hands. 

Create your guest list

Creating your guest list is important to do early on in your planning stage because it is related to your budget as well as the location that you’re planning to do your wedding. 

Your guest list will determine the headcount of your ceremony and your reception. It will also help you narrow down your long list because it would be impossible to include everyone that you know. A good way to begin creating a list is to start with all of your loved ones then work your way down until you fill the whole guest list. 

Decide the overall theme of the wedding

Again, this is a factor that you should consider early on because it will help you set your overall budget. If you can’t decide which theme are you going to choose for your wedding, here are some of the most common ones that we have organized: 

Classic wedding

This timeless and traditional wedding theme gives your special day an elegant and classy setting. The colour scheme that makes up the overall look of this theme is usually made up of soft hues such as light blue, pink and lavender. 

Silver flatwares that are contrasted with boldly coloured napkins are then used in tables to accent the light colour palette. 

The classic wedding never goes out of style and it also features a traditional wedding ceremony.

Bohemian wedding

The Bohemian wedding takes the ceremony out in the open field often located in the countryside. This creative theme features warm and cosy items that make up the overall feel of the wedding such as dreamcatchers, books, flower crowns and many others. 

From the town itself, it’s not your traditional wedding gown, it instead features a flowy dress that perfectly matches the breeze of the location. The tables and chairs are heavily themed with raw-looking wood which adds to the bohemian feel of the ceremony. 

Garden wedding

Another wedding theme that usually takes place outdoors, the garden wedding sets itself apart from other types by being located in lush greenery and floral gardens. It can also be done indoors in one of those indoor gardens with walls made up of glass.

Right off the bat, you will immediately see flowers incorporated into almost anything. From the groom’s suit to the bride’s gown, this theme will feature a lot of botanical-inspired details. 

Fairytale wedding

Just as the name suggests, this wedding theme is heavily inspired by the various fairy tales that you grew up watching. Several tales can be used as a basis for this theme; however, the most common bridal gown is the one Cinderella wore in her movie. 

Everything that you can see in this type of wedding will look and feel like a fairytale. From large flowers to whimsical wedding invitations, everything screams storybook fantasy. If there was a word that best describes this theme it would be ‘magical’. 

Glamorous wedding

Glamorous weddings take inspiration from the Gatsby era. From statement headdresses to luxuriously arranged flowers, seeing this wedding come to life is a sight to behold. Another recurring theme that you will see with this type of ceremony is its heavy use of calligraphy. You will see this type of writing in invitations, table numbers, etc. 

Modern wedding

Modern weddings are one of our most requested themes when it comes to organizing and planning. This setting features sleek designs that are partnered with a monochrome colour palette. 

Another word that you can associate this type of wedding with is minimalism. This theme gives you simple and minimalistic furnishings that perfectly complement the colour scheme. It’s not a bad thing though because it is its own style. Sometimes less is more and this theme is a perfect example of that. 

Rustic wedding

Who says rustic-themed events can’t be elegant? Rustic weddings are perfect for those couples who want a classy ceremony but with a unique touch. Some of the elements that you can see in this theme include:

  • Mason jars
  • Antique furnishings
  • Casual dress code
  • Natural textures
  • Hand-tied bouquets 
  • Woodworks

Select the venue of your wedding

Now that you have decided on your theme, it’s now time to select the venue of your wedding. Take note that this factor is greatly influenced by your budget. But, if you have enough cash saved up for this specific event, we would recommend you to find the setting that would best suit your chosen theme.

For example, if you chose a garden wedding, list down some gardens in your area that holds events. After you have created your list, narrow them down according to your budget and your headcount. Whichever venue will give you the best of both worlds, that’s the indication that you should choose it. 

You’d also want to consider the location of the venue. You have to be realistic and choose one that can be accessed by you and your guests. 

Find the bridal gown and the groom’s suit

If you’re shopping for your wedding dresses and suits, chances are, you’re not going to find the perfect one for you in one go. You would have to go through various stores whether it be online or physical for you to find the one for you. 

You can also opt to get your outfit made by a tailor. This will take some time so make sure that you do this several months before your actual wedding. Although it will take a long time and it may cost more, it will fit you perfectly and it will turn out the way you want. Also, your wedding will be etched in your memory forever so it would be best to wear the best looking outfit. 

Choose your wedding cake

One of the highlights of every wedding ceremony is cake cutting. Make this moment extra special by choosing the best cake for you and your spouse. Not only should it taste good but it should look good as well! 

Take note that your cake should also go with the overall theme that you chose for your wedding. There are tons of bakeries that are experts in making wedding cakes. Work closely with them so that they can get the idea that you want. 

Make and distribute the invitations

Coordinate with your event organizer so that they would know the theme of your wedding. This way, they can make the wedding invitations based on your chosen wedding theme. 

It’s also important to distribute these early so that they can reach your guests in time! This also allows them to entirely free up their day on your wedding so that they can be there in attendance!