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Destination Wedding arrangements in Delhi

Destination Wedding

Destination wedding is one of the ideas that have become popular these days for the wedding. There are many reasons that people are adopting the plan of destination wedding these days. Some of them includes that the destination weddings are completely stress-free and doesn’t give any sort of heart strokes to the individuals who are getting married. The best part of a destination wedding is that you don’t have to choose between his /her house. You can make the choice after discussion which location suits both of you best for the destination wedding. Destination weddings are like a small holiday for your and his family. The idea of destination wedding is the best because then you can also enjoy the benefits like discount which means you are also saving extra bugs. Other than this, you don’t have to worry about the arrangements because these days’ event managers can be hired for the adequate management of each and every activity linked to the event. These sorts of weddings allow you to be creative. You can add up any kind of creativity to your wedding as per your wish and his as well. Majorly, you should make sure that you have employed event managers for the destination wedding so that everything can go smooth. This sort of wedding also allows you to make other arrangements tension free such as shopping for the event. These days the idea of a destination wedding is getting popular at a rapid rate. Most of the people hire professional event management businesses for the overall managing of destinations wedding. We at Event Management in Delhi have the capability to organize the event successfully. We offer the different destination wedding choices according to your suitability such as a royal wedding, mountain wedding, beach wedding, traditional temple wedding and international destination wedding.

Services under destination wedding

Royal wedding :If you are intending for the wedding that is royal then we are the ones for you. Events management in Delhi will make sure that appropriate location is chosen for your royal weddings such as Raipur, Jaipur, and Udaipur sort of places. Royal weddings also have become the trend these days now and we follow the trend very efficiently. So, don’t wait for it, if your wedding is near just pick your phone and give us a call.

Beach wedding : Beach wedding is again one of the latest trends as it makes the entire wedding very special and memorable for the individuals who are going to get married. As beach weddings are getting very popular these days so we at Events management in Delhi helps you in fulfilling this desire. We help you with certain recommendations for the wedding such as Goa, Kerala, and Chennai etc. We make sure that this sort of weddings for you becomes unforgettable.

Mountain wedding : Mountain weddings are very beautiful and offer a very pleasant environment to the audience including bride and groom. Events management in Delhi has the efficiency of arranging the mountain weddings very effectively. We offer the arrangements for mountain wedding in the locations like Shimla, Kullu, Manali, and Mussorie. Your dream of mountain wedding is fulfilled by us in an effective way.

Traditional temple wedding: Temple wedding in India is the only wedding type that most of the people prefer because it represents the following of traditions and our culture. So, if you are also planning for a traditional wedding in the temple then don’t worry every arrangement will be confirmed by Events management in Delhi if you hire. We assure that all the arrangements for following rituals and traditions are done very carefully so that any sort of hassle doesn’t take place.

International destination wedding : International destination wedding has also become one of the famous destination wedding types. Events management in Delhi has the capability to manage the w international wedding in a proficient manner. We offer the international wedding locations that are Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bali and many other famous abroad locations. All of the requirements linked to the international destination wedding are fulfilled by our company successfully.

Pre-wedding functions : Pre-wedding functions are very important in a wedding because these functions lead to making the entire event memorable and unforgettable. In India, if pre-wedding functions are not included then it is believed that there can be a lot of hassles in the event. Basically, the importance of pre-wedding functions is unique in the country and it is important to follow them accurately. Events management in Delhi has the proficiency of managing the pre-wedding functions according to the requirements of the customer. Bachelorette-Bachelor party : Bachelor’s party is one of the significant pre-wedding functions among others. It is very important to look after the appropriate arrangements for the functions so that any kind of issue can be eradicated. To arrange the party successfully, one of the best recommendations that are helpful includes hiring the event management services. Events management in Delhi is one of the best event organizers in the city and has been offering the services for many years now. We always make sure that the services offered to the customers are full of quality hence if you hire us for arranging the bachelor’s party we will ensure that the location, catering, fun and entertainment arrangements are initiated adequately.

Sangeet ceremony : This is the pre-wedding function which is full of entertainment and fun. This ceremony is initiated before the mehndi one. All of the family members, friends, relatives, brides, and groom participate in the function. If you want the ceremony to be ended successfully then it is relevant that the arrangements should be included in the function suitably. If you have hired the event management services then they manage the functions by themselves but if not then you should hire them as they will organize each and everything carefully. Events management in Delhi is the service that will help you out in managing and organizing the sangeet ceremony effectively. We take care of every aspect of the wedding such as the management of pre-wedding functions such as sangeet. Our team tries their best to include the fun element in the sangeet and ensure that the function is completed satisfactorily.

Mehendi ceremony : Mehendi is one of the fun rituals in the Indian weddings and is organized by the family of a bride at her house. This function is attended by all the family members of hers and is initiated before the wedding that is around two or three days before. The hands and feet of the bride are decorated by the application of mehndi. Family members include the extra activities like dance, sing and making merry during the event. It is believed that if the application is dark then the bride will be blessed with a husband who is very loving and caring. After this ritual, a bride cannot step out of the house till the wedding takes place. We at Events management in Delhi takes care of every aspect associated with this function and guarantee that the function is ended successfully.

Haldi ceremony : This ceremony holds very special place in the tradition of India. It is initiated couple of days before the wedding at the residences of respective couples. This ceremony is associated with the mixture of haldi or turmeric and sandalwood, milk and rose water which is applied on the hands, neck, legs and face of the bride including groom as well. There is a belief that in India that the yellow color of turmeric is helpful in brightening the skin and medicinal properties help in removing any sort of ailments. It is also believed that it protects the couple from evil eyes and eradicates the nervousness. Hence, to manage this event we at Events management in Delhi confirm that the function takes place securely and problems are mitigated efficiently.

Engagement party : Engagement part is also one of the pre-wedding functions which are initiated before the wedding. In this function, both the couples exchange rings with each other and they are officially declared almost turning towards the next step of marriage. This party is also important and we at Events management in Delhi obliges in the organizing of the party adequately. We make sure about the appropriate arrangements of food, drinks and sitting arrangements for the function. The team of our company is always concerned about the providing of services that are full of satisfaction.

Cocktail party : Cocktail parties in the wedding have become another major trend nowadays and most of the people prefer it to be very sophisticated and lavish. These parties are required to be managed in an appropriate manner so that everyone can enjoy the party. Events management in Delhi has the capability to manage the event in an efficient way. You just need to contact us once and we will put all efforts to make the event successful and progressive. Our team makes sure that all of the requirements are identified so that they can be fulfilled proficiently.

Bride and groom entry : The entry of bride and groom is one of the eye-catchy moments and everyone waits for it. The entry should be very lavish so that audience enjoys the moment fully. If the entry is not able to attract the people present at the wedding then it can represent the inadequate managing of the event. Hence, we at Events management in Delhi doesn’t let this happen and include the effort which can make the entry of bride and groom grand. We make sure that it becomes the word for every mouth and people wouldn’t stop praising the entry. Thus, try our services and decide yourselves.

Varmala theme : This is also one of the important ceremonies that take place before the actual wedding takes place. Bride and groom have to exchange the varmala and then other rituals are carried forward. This signifies that the wedding is going to happen successfully further. Hence, we at Events management in Delhi make sure that the varmala ceremony is initiated adequately and there is no any kind of error during the function. We ensure that the entire wedding is arranged efficiently so that the event is finalized in a successful way and as per the requirement of the client.

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Destination Wedding
Apr 27, 2018
Event Management Companies in Delhi NCR5/5 stars
I planned for a destination wedding and I chose the beach location. Problem was that I had no idea that how everything will be managed because there are many tasks associated with the wedding. I was feeling depressed because all of the arrangements were yet to be initiated. So, my best friend told me to contact Event organizers in Delhi and I employed them. This was the best decision I took for my special day. The arrangements they have done were commendable and impeccable. I was really impressed and happy because my wedding turned out to be great. I would undoubtedly recommend you to hire them for wedding planning because they are the best.

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