Ways To Reduce Your Event Budget

Event Manager / March 26, 2018
Ways To Reduce Your Event Budget

Planning and hosting an event is a challenging task particularly when it comes to managing the event budget. Reducing event budget or budget cuts proves to be one of the toughest challenges that come across everyone when hosting an event.

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Through this blog, we will familiarize you with the ways by which you can reduce your event budget.

Ways To Reduce Your Event Budget

We will now list down some exciting ways for reducing your event budget:

  1. Limit The Number of Guests: Unless the objective of the event is to maximize audience participation and generate revenue, you must limit the number of guests that you seek to invite to the event since every addition to the guest list will only increase the costs associated with food, venue, and decors. Therefore, you must identify the people who really carry worth in your life and are very important to you and invite only your close friends and relatives to limit your guest list.


  1. Get Quotes from Multiple Vendors and Negotiate: When looking for every service ranging from decors to catering to entertainment, it is wise to get quotes from multiple vendors. This is because research helps you stay competitive and will help you avail the best possible value for money. It is wise to meet different vendors, see their portfolios and services and examine their personalities to determine whether they are fit for meeting your expectations.

Get quotes from multiple vendors and analyze what all services each one offers within their quoted proposal. Compare quotes from multiple vendors in terms of working norms, services, quality, prices, etc and go with the ones that offer the best deal.

Further, after getting knowledge of what each vendor has to offer within their package, you must never accept the first price and negotiate to drive down the price. You must be polite, firm and confident and never compromise on your essential requirements while negotiating. There will be a possibility that the vendor may not cut down the price, however, may provide some additional service at the price.


  1. Pick a Non-Traditional and Budget-Friendly Venue: The event venue is one of the biggest costs associated with hosting an event. This is because famous hotels, restaurants, resorts and banquet halls charge enormously for just a couple of hours and it is wise to pick a rather non-traditional venue to keep your budget in check. Research different venues and visit them to examine them in terms of their interiors, facilities, and amenities.

You must get an approximate idea of your headcount and subsequently, identify the venue that best suits your requirements and has all the required facilities, amenities and capacity while also being budget-friendly.


  1. Look for Package Deals: You may hold the view that shopping around for cheapest deals in every category is the best way to save finances and reduce your event budget. However, another tactic that you can use for reducing your event budget is to look for package deals since it will prove to be more cost-effective.

This is because your venue may be able to supply you food and beverage, equipment and other services and may cut down your expenses since you are using so many of their services.


  1. Get Flexible on Dates: Remaining flexible on event dates is one of the best ways of cutting down event costs since it will give you the opportunity to negotiate with venues and get services at reduced prices. One of the effective tactics is to host your event in the off-season and less popular dates since it will help you negotiate on prices and save you plenty of money.


  1. Cut Down On Catering: Food and beverages do not prove to be a large expense in case you are open to stray away from traditional trappings. You must consider opting for a buffet instead of going with a multi-course plated dinner. You can consider picking less costly options such as mocktails and cocktails as a replacement to expensive alcoholic drinks and using cost-effective alternatives to costly food items that will help to keep your budget in check. It is wise to keep your beverage menu limited to one or two types of beer and wine.

You must design your menu carefully to ensure covering everything in the right quantity in order that you can please the guests as well as keep your budget in check.


  1. Drive-In Volunteers for Reducing Staff-Related Budget: Driving in volunteers is a great way to save on event budget. You can ask your close friends and relatives to volunteer in case of a social event and invest some time to train volunteers so that they perform their duties with perfection.


  1. Reduce the Additional Expenses: A great way of reducing your event budget is to avoid additional spending on unnecessary items and materials. You must ask yourself what is really essential and this is one of the effective ways to cut down the costs.

It is wise to opt for e-mail marketing and social media channels for promoting your event and ditch printed marketing materials that simply push up your event costs.

  1. Drive in Sponsors to the Event: Driving in sponsors is one of the great ways for reducing your event budget. The support offered by sponsors is not simply limited to financial aspects. Getting in renowned sponsors helps to boost your brand image, enhance your event and enhance the attendees’ experience. Partnering up with sponsors is a great deal since it provides mutual benefits for you as well as the company.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will educate you about some ways in which you can reduce your event budget.

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