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Top 13 Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Birthdays come once a year and are truly the occasions for making your little ones feel special. Birthdays are the days when you treat your kids like kings and queens and make their special day filled with fun, happiness, and excitement by hosting birthday parties for them.

The first step involved in planning a fun-filled and creative birthday party is choosing a birthday party theme. In case you are facing difficulty while choosing the perfect birthday party theme for your child’s birthday, we are here to guide with the Top 13 Birthday party themes for kids that will help you host a fun-filled and amazing birthday party.

Top 13 Birthday Party Themes for Kids

A Rainbow Birthday Party: A rainbow birthday party is one of the best birthday party themes for kids since it adds vitality, color, and elegance to the party at affordable costs. This theme allows color-coordinating everything from decorations to the food table to create a vibrant and ambient atmosphere. You can add the rainbow effect to the party by using colorful paper lanterns, plates, cups and decorations of different colors, colorful party hats, face paint, rainbow moon bounce, rainbow fruit platter and rainbow candies.

Forest or Woodland Animal Party: Nature themes are the best birthday party themes for kids since they add the adventure and fun elements to the party. You can use woodland creatures birthday party supplies to transform your space into a storybook adventure thereby boosting the party’s adventurous element. Add the special forest element by using the hooting owl, the cuddly bear, the sneaky fox, the roaring lion, etc. You can accent this party theme with green and brown balloons and a chevron tableware.

Pokemon Birthday Party Theme: You can make your child’s birthday party memorable and fun-filled with Pokemon birthday party theme. Everything from food to decorations to activities can go pokemon style. You can utilize cups, plates, and napkins featuring the three starrer pokemons in their final evolved forms while the cake and dinner plates can feature portraits of assorted pokemons around their rims. It is good to opt tableware essentials featuring Pikachu, super-cute Pikachu pops with peeps, sugar cookies and balloons featuring pokemons, etc.

Mad Scientist: Science-themed parties are great ways to make kids excited about learning. This theme allows the kids to participate in spectacular science demonstrations including amazing bubble potions, chemical magic, and movie special effects. You can hand out lab coats and safety goggles to kids, organize experiments such as bottle rockets, etc. to make the party adventurous.

Superhero Themed Party: You can make a superhero birthday party epic by using an extensive collection of superhero party supplies and decorations. Everything from costumes to decorations to tableware to party games to masks to food can be made superhero style to add adventure and fun to the party. You can opt for Supergirl costumes to the Avengers Tableware to paddle balls, glow-in-the-dark flying discs to finger puppets to Color Your Own Superhero Masks to Batman party games and so on.

Dinosaur Themed Party: You can throw a prehistoric birthday bash and send your explorers on a dinosaur hunt to uncover interesting facts about dinosaurs. You can use dinosaur posters, sandboxes, large plastic dinosaur eggs, sandbags, fossils, dinosaur footprints, dinosaur-shaped sugar cookies, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, dinosaur wind-up toys, small binoculars, big rocks and ferns, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur wind-up toys, dinosaur figurines, etc.

Space Adventure: You can let your kids go on an out of this world adventure with a space themed birthday party. Everything from the invites to the decors to costumes to food to games can be made the ‘space’ style by using balloon aliens, Chinese paper lanterns, rocket ship station setup with cardboard box, white or neon paper cutout stars, planets and rockets, pasting stars and planets on the walls, hanging stars from the ceiling, using neon bulbs, glow jars, glow sticks and using DIY rockets and Flying Saucers. You can add the spacing effect to the food by using rocket pops, corn flake meteorites, Jell-O jigglers cut into stars, flying saucer pizza, super fun moon cake, etc.

Circus Themed Party: You can throw a circus-themed birthday party to add excitement, adventure, and fun to your child’s birthday party. You can add the circus flavor to the party by setting up a circus party tent, creating vintage circus ticket invitations, covering up doorway with hanging circles, using banners with the vintage cut-outs of a circus troupe, decorating tables with cupcake Ferris wheel, adding the circus style to food by using animal cookie cupcakes, ice cream clown sundaes, popcorn cupcakes, using vibrant colored decors, cups, plates, balloons, cotton candy cupcakes, clown figurines, clown, animals or magician costumes, etc.

Fairytale Birthday Party Theme: You can delight your kids with fairytale birthday party themes and keep them enthralled. You can use costumes from classic fairy tales such as red riding hood, Cinderella, snow white, peter pan, Rapunzel, etc. You can decorate the venue with candles, neon bulbs, paste stars and fairy figurines on walls, use fairy stands, decorate walls with charts sketched to appear like the stone walls of a castle, use different colored exotic flowers, use a fairytale centerpiece, fairytale character decor pieces, create a jungle backdrop, etc. You can add fairytale style to the food by opting for fairytale cake, desserts and sweets focused on specific fairytale characters, barbecue pulled pork with potatoes, old-fashioned apple pies, vanilla ice cream, etc and play waltz music in the background, etc.

FarmHouse Themed Party: Throw a barnyard bash for your child to make them explore a different world. You can add the barnyard effect to the party by using corn stalks, bales of hay for decoration and extra seating, white picket fence food trays, burlap feed bags, costumes such as straw cowboy hats and bandanas for every guest, wood rail wagon, ceramic berry baskets, mini wood baskets and birdhouses, Weck jars, farm animal finger puppets, setting up a red wagon filled with hay, hiring a small petting zoo, using glass milk bottles, etc. You can add the farmhouse element to the food by wrapping up drinks in brown parchment paper, using hamburgers, chicken drumsticks and hot dogs in the menu, turning vegetable platter into a vegetable patch, serving ‘pig stay’ chocolate pudding, serving animal styled cookies, etc.

Wise Old Owl Styled Theme: You can throw a completely owl-tactic blowout birthday bash to add the elements of adventure and excitement to the party. You can make the birthday bash ‘owl styled’ by using adorable paper lantern owls, vibrant colored fluffy decorations, crepe paper picket fences, creating a majestic tree and an impressive fluffy cloud using owl blossom balloons, using owl blossom favor buckets, owl-shaped birthday hat, pink striped popcorn boxes, plush owl sitting by the gifts, impressive owl cupcake toppers, using small clay pots with a package of seeds, using owl themed pencils and pens, using birdhouses and birdfeeders, using feather boats, etc.

Summer Beach Themed Party: You can add excitement and joy to the party by hosting a beach themed birthday bash. Add the beach theme to the bash by decorating the venue with palm trees, tiki torches, colored umbrellas, bright and sunny beach banner, crab-shaped plates, using seahorse,tiki statues, sandals, beach balls, sharks shaped pinatas, decorative tablecloths, using small plastic bucket filled with sand, shells or bouquet of lollipops, small balloons and fruit kabobs as centerpieces, etc. You can play games such as balloon volleyball, musical beach towels, sandcastle competition, ocean-themed scavenger hunt, starfish ring toss, etc. You can utilize favors such as mini beach balls, sunglasses, sea creature bathtub toys, flip flops, sea creature stickers, etc. Add the beach flavor to the party by serving hot dogs, croissant sandwiches, tropical rainbow kabobs, burgers, teddy beach cake, devilled egg boats, ice cream sundaes or Hawaiian ice bar, non-alcoholic mocktails, cupcakes, etc.

Outdoor Camping-Themed Party: Delight your kids with an outdoor camping experience by hosting camping themed birthday bash. You can add the outdoor camping effect to the party by using cute cake banners, pinecone garland decorations, checkered tablecloths, bandanas, pie tins, paper lanterns, wood textures, flannel, wooden marshmallow sticks, cute fire cupcakes, adorable bundling stick pack favors, plush toys, gingham and black place settings, campfire centerpiece, serving sugar cookies, using acorns, magnetic fishing playset, transforming lemonade into ‘bug juice’ and a tin bucket of cheese puffs into ‘campfire flames’, etc.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with some of the best and most preferred birthday party themes for kids.

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