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8 Tips to Select Right Event Management Company

Hiring event management companies for hosting a different type of corporate and social events is a common trend these days. The reasons for this are manifold. Hiring an event management company for hosting a different type of events not only saves you from the stress and anxiety of planning and managing different event aspects but also drives in creativity and innovation to the event that makes your event stand out.

People usually face a lot of dilemmas when selecting an event management company since there are plenty of event companies in the market offering impressive services at varied prices.

To put the dilemma to rest, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with some of the best tips to follow to select the right event management company.

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Tips to Select Right Event Management Company

We will now bring forward the list of tips that you should follow for selecting the right event management company:

1 Perform Research: One of the initial steps that you need to follow is to perform online research for determining the list of companies in your region who specialize in the type of event you seek to organize.

Examine the websites of different event management companies and analyze their ‘Home’, ‘About Us’ and ‘Services’ section to gain knowledge about the company. Go through the ‘About Us’ and ‘Home’ section thoroughly to analyze factors such as the overall experience of the company in hosting events, the type of events they organize, the number of years they have been into the industry and this will also help you gain knowledge of their background.

Examine the ‘Services’ section thoroughly to analyze the type of events they host and this will help you shortlist the list of planners who excel in delivering the type of event you seek to organize.

Once you shortlist the planners who specialize in your event type, you must go through their ‘Portfolios’ to examine their event hosting style and whether their decoration and hosting style matches your expectations and desires. Examine the videos and pictures of the recent events hosted by different planners that will help you identify the planners who match your expectations and the ones whose decoration and hosting style fits your budget and expectations.

2 Expertise: There’s a high probability that event management companies specialize in specific areas and less probable that they excel in all areas. Look for event management companies that hold expertise in your event type and the ones who have tremendous experience in hosting events specific to your niche.

3 Meet Different Planners and Ask the Right Questions: After arriving at a final list of planners you wish to move ahead with, you must hold meetings with each prospective planner to evaluate their personalities and services. Make sure to ask them the right questions to be able to judge the quality of their services. You must ask them to provide a demonstrable experience of organizing the similar type of events and scan through their portfolios to examine the quality of their services and whether their style matches your expectations. You must clearly outline your requirements, expectations, and budget for the event and ask questions as to whether they will be able to deliver your expectations within the budget, how they seek to satisfy your event requirements and the manner in which they seek to spend the budget for the event.

Interacting with clients and ask relevant questions will help you evaluate them in terms of their vision and ideas, personalities, reliability, flexibility, client-friendliness, etc.

You must also ask them to provide references to the clients they have serviced in the past. This step will potentially help you narrow down the list of planners with whom you can go ahead with.

4 Call/Contact References: Reference checks are greatly helpful for evaluating the services of different planners and ensuring that you pick the right event management company.

Contact references of each planner and you must ask them to share videos and pictures of their events that will help you examine the hosting style and quality of services of each planner and determine whether their style and services match your expectations.

You must also ask them different questions to help you assess the service quality of each planner such as whether they were successful in meeting the expectations and budget, whether they were flexible and client-friendly, whether they met deadlines, whether their services were of fine quality, etc.

Reference checks will potentially help you judge the services of different planners and will help you shortlist the planners you can consider going ahead with.

5 Check their Credentials and Background: You must perform a background check on each event company to analyze whether their staff holds relevant qualifications, skills, and experience. This is essential since no one wishes to fall prey to inexperienced planners who can ruin your event.

Perform a background check of each planner by asking them to provide testimonials, checking whether they hold the relevant licenses, checking for the existence of an office and examining the legality of their papers.

6 Compare them in terms of their Creativity: Everyone wants that their event should stand out and should remain the talk of the guests even after the event. Comparing different event management companies in terms of their creativity is another excellent factor for ensuring that you select the right event management company.

You can evaluate them in terms of their creativity by examining the portfolios and videos of the past events they have hosted that will help you determine whether different event planners are creative and help you pick the right event management company for your event.

7 Read Reviews: Reviews are one of the best ways to judge the service quality of different vendors and you must read the reviews of different planners that will help you assess them in terms of their service quality and help pick the right event management company.

8 Compare them in terms of their Quotations, Prices, Service Quality, Working Norms: After getting quotations from different planners, you must compare different planners in terms of their service quality, hosting style, prices, working norms, testimonials’ feedback, impressions formed on you at the initial meeting, quality of their equipment, etc. Comparing different planners on the basis of these factors will potentially help you select the right event management company for your event.

You must remember that a cheap deal may not always be the best and try to select a company offering the best deal based on all of the above factors.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the tips to follow for selecting the right event management company.

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