Tips To Plan A Event For Brand Awareness

Event Manager / March 21, 2018
Tips To Plan A Event For Brand Awareness

In this era of brand conscious people, creating your brand awareness is highly crucial for your business to flourish in the competitive world. Branding is a very crucial aspect for a business to prosper since people refer to the brand name for successful products to refer to all its products.

Making yourself an established brand requires driving in plenty of effort, time and money and hosting a brand awareness event is one of the best ways of to raise awareness about your brand and increase your sales and profit.

Through this blog, we will bring forth some of the best tips for planning an event for brand awareness.

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Tips To Plan A Event For Brand Awareness

We now list down some of the exciting tips that you can use for planning an event for brand awareness:

  1. Build a Successful Event Website: People usually hold the view that branding starts at the venue. However, the reality is that you must frame a well-aligned image of your event at the initial preparation stages. You must consider designing a successful event website and decking up your website well to engage the audience in the event.

It is wise to consider communicating the brand by effectively unifying logo, theme, colors, and fonts on the event website. A fascinating event website is essential to create a good impression of the brand in the eyes of the potential attendees.


  1. Use Logo as a Part of Decor: Using brand logo as a part of event interiors is one of the excellent tips for planning a brand awareness event. One of the great ideas is to use the company logo in elements such as balloons, tablecloths, napkins, sponsor backdrop, statement wall, lounge and break areas, illuminated logo, dance floor, lighting, bunting and other ways you can add the logo to the interiors.


  1. Design an Event App: Making an event app is one of the great ways of creating a good first impression in the eyes of the potential attendees and also helps elevate attendance experiences. You can remind people of who you are and what standards and goals you set by integrating the brand with an event app.


  1. Onsite Event Design: You must design the event interiors in a manner that it reflects the brand’s image and talks to them in the voice of the brand. You must consider your brand while planning the ways in which you can reflect its’ image in the interiors of the venue. This will give you an idea of whether you must go smart and neat or opt for a scenery-centric approach.


  1. Booths: Even if you have only a single booth, you must design it to represent the brand as perfectly and cleanly as possible. Some of the ways in which you can build brand awareness include digital signage, branded laptops and logo construction.


  1. Make your Event’s Branding Social Media Friendly: You must exploit the power of social media for creating awareness and increasing audience participation in your brand awareness event. Make accounts on all social media platforms and stuff it with fascinating and engaging content and videos to increase views and expand your audience reach. You can consider using social walls to represent opinions about the brand. One of the exciting ways is to post video reviews and testimonials of your existing customers sharing their experiences with the brand. Further, you must constantly update your official handles with posts and videos featuring relevant and fascinating content to boost event registrations and expand your audience reach.

Other tactics include using paid ads, linking to video channels and blog posts and creating a temporary channel dedicated to the event.


  1. Offering Customized Merchandise/Giveaways: One of the effective strategies is to spread the power of your brand to households by offering event-exclusive customized merchandise or offering free stuff such as promotional pens, coasters, and keychains. Customized merchandise is likely to have the most profound effect and this can be turned into something like a photo booth wherein attendees can take funny selfies with the company logo at the backdrop.


  1. Add Branding to Food: Using branding on anything that is edible is a sure way of promoting your brand and increasing your revenue. You must simply apply glue branded stickers on the food and beverage items or add your brand logo to cups to increase your brand awareness.


Conclusion: We hope that this blog will educate you about some tips for planning an event for brand awareness.  


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