Tips to Plan Your Wedding Event to Make It Memorable

Event Manager / February 22, 2018
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Weddings are definitely one of the most important occasions in everyone’s lives and everyone wishes that their wedding event emerges phenomenal, memorable and extravagant. Planning a wedding is a daunting endeavor since you need to look into several aspects to ensure that all details are covered and nothing gets skipped and if you want to cover all the things visit Event Management Companies in Delhi.

The stress of covering up the basics usually leaves people with virtually no time to think of tips or activities that can add extravagance to their wedding and make it incredible and memorable.

To assist you in making your wedding event memorable, phenomenal and extravagant, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with tips to plan your wedding event to make it memorable.

Tips to Plan Your Wedding Event to Make It Memorable

We will now list down some of the best tips to plan your wedding to make it memorable:

  1. Invite Star Performers (Dancers, Singers, and Comedians) to the Wedding: One of the excellent ways of making a wedding event memorable and phenomenal is to drive in star performers to your wedding. Star performers in the form of professional singers, musicians, dancers, and comedians can make your wedding event extravagant, memorable and entertaining.


Inviting star performers to the wedding will not only keep your guests enthralled and entertained but also make it a life-cherishing and extravagant experience. This is because you will cherish the moments wherein you exchanged marriage vows in the presence of stars forever. Further, it will give you the opportunity to take perfect clicks with the industry stars that will surely be a worthwhile and cherishable experience.


You will always be mesmerized and spell-bound when going through your wedding shoots, videos and pictures since you will be delighted to remember the moments you spent with the performers and will always be delighted by remembering the way in which star performers rocked your wedding.


  1. Make your Wedding Impressive by driving in Folk Music and Folk Dancers/Using unconventional wedding music: Playing unconventional music at your wedding event is another exciting way of making your wedding event memorable and exceptional. You can consider keeping your guests enthralled and entertained by playing instrumental music or hiring a mariachi band or opting for a guitar player or a bluegrass group. Another way of making your wedding event memorable is to play folk music specific to your region/native and bringing in folk singers and dancers that will make your wedding event entertaining, enthralling and life-cherishing.


  1. Opt for a Destination Wedding: Opting for a destination wedding is one of the excellent ways of making a wedding event extravagant and memorable. From exotic wedding destinations such as beachside and hill stations to rustic farmhouses to historic forts and destinations, opting a destination wedding is definitely a great option to create life-cherishing memories and get perfect wedding clicks since they offer picturesque settings and lavish ambiance.

 Teaming up everything from food to decors to costumes to lighting in the way that best matches the destination theme is a great way to make a wedding event memorable and extravagant.

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  1. Opt for a Pre-Wedding Shoot: A pre-wedding shoot is definitely of the best ways to create ever-lasting and life-cherishing moments. Not only does it allow you to capture perfect wedding clicks but helps create memories that you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime. Exotic locations, impressive ambiance, breathtaking nature view and lavish atmosphere all are sure to make your wedding event memorable and extravagant.


  1. Host a DJ Request Box: One of the effective ways of hosting an extravagant and life-cherishing wedding event is to set up a DJ request box that will allow your guests to get their favorite tracks played at the wedding. You can arrange stationery, placards and a request box that will allow your guests to add names of their favorite tracks that wish to get played at the wedding.


  1. Set Up a Video Confession Booth: Another exciting way of making your wedding event memorable and exceptional is setting up a video confessional booth at the wedding event that will give your guests the opportunity to record on-screen messages for you. You can frame your own rules for the video confessional booth asking your guests to deliver heartfelt messages or singing songs for you. You can later ask your videographer to incorporate some of the best clips into your wedding shoot video.


  1. Consider Setting up a Fun Photo Booth: Setting up a fun photo booth is a definite way to get the perfect clicks and create extravagant memories. By setting up a fun photo booth, you are sure to get some amazing candid pictures that a photographer is likely to miss. In order to give it an extra-special touch, you can consider decking it up with themed props such as under-the-sea backdrop and snorkel gear for a summer wedding, opera masks and monocles for a more formal event, etc. This will surely help you capture some perfect clicks from the wedding.


  1. A Luxe Lounge Area: One of the best ways of making your wedding event memorable and creating lasting memories is to design an impressive lounge area that will provide your guests a place to rest between dance breaks. You must consider filling the space with couches or comfy chairs and plenty of pillows to sink in that will serve as the perfect way to keep everyone in on the wedding even while they are resting.


Conclusion: We hope that this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips to make your wedding event memorable.

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