Tips To Plan Anniversary Party Within A Budget

Event Manager / March 9, 2018
Tips To Plan Anniversary Party Within A Budget

An anniversary marks the beginning of a new relationship and must be phenomenal and memorable for the couple. Unfortunately, rising inflation makes it next to impossible to plan an anniversary party within a budget. Cutting down costs when planning an anniversary party can be a challenging task since unanticipated costs turn up from several different sources, thereby, making it difficult to plan an anniversary party within a budget.

All those facing a difficulty in planning an anniversary party within a budget have probably arrived at the right place since, through this blog, we will share some of the best tips for planning an anniversary party within a budget.

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Tips To Plan Anniversary Party Within A Budget

We will now bring forth the list of tips for planning an anniversary party within a budget:

  1. Limit the Number of Guests: One of the effective ways of planning an anniversary party within a budget is to limit the number of guests who will attend the anniversary party. An anniversary is generally an intimate affair, therefore, it is wise to invite only your close friends and relatives to the anniversary party. Framing the guest list wisely is a crucial task since every addition to the list will only add to your anniversary expenses.

Take some time to determine the people who really carry worth in your life that will help you arrive at a final list of limited guests. You must remember that limiting your guest list will help achieve substantial savings in terms of booking smaller venues, paying less for food and decors, etc.


  1. Select the Venue Wisely: An anniversary venue is one of the biggest expenses that can substantially increase your anniversary expenses. Therefore, you must wisely pick a venue for the anniversary party. High-profile hotels, banquet halls, resorts, clubs, etc charge enormous fees for just a few hours, therefore, you can consider picking more economical options such as community centers, lawns, low-profile hotels and resorts, home terrace or any other cost-effective venue that will help to keep your budget under control. You must ensure that the venue you pick is equipped with all essential amenities and holds the capacity for your guest size.


  1. Find Budget Decor: Decor is one of the elements that can tremendously push up the costs of your anniversary party. Instead of opting fancy and expensive decor such as fresh-cut pricey flowers and other costly items, you can opt for cost-effective options such as votive candles, flower vases, balloons, ribbons, confetti, ribbons, bouquets, picture frames, etc and use groupings of objects to serve as centerpieces. One of the exciting options is to use include groupings of different-sized candles or bowls and vases filled with citrus fruits.


  1. Design Food and Beverage Menu Wisely: One of the effective ways of planning an anniversary party on a budget is to wisely design your food and beverage menu having a fine balance of starters, main course and desserts without overloading it with ‘too many’ items. You can consider serving appetizer-sized edibles, meat skewers, soups, dips, etc that will fill your guests at a low price without sacrificing taste. When designing the beverage menu, a good option is to keep only one or two types of alcohol and serve signature cocktails and mocktails to save on the budget. Scout for low-profile caterers that can offer their services at low costs without compromising on quality.


  1. Opt for Simple Invites: Though printed invites is not a necessity for an anniversary party, you can still save your anniversary expenses by designing invites using the Internet that offers exciting software packages and card stock that will help you design trendy and impressive invites in a small budget. Once you come up with alluring designs, you can simply print them and send it to all your guests. Alternatively, you can consider sending e-invites through social media platforms such as Facebook that will allow you to invite your friends and relatives within seconds and without spending a penny.


  1. Ask Friends to Deliver Performance/Set Up your own DJ: Hiring a professional DJ can significantly push your anniversary expenses. Therefore, an exciting way of planning the anniversary party within a budget is to replace the expensive DJ with DVD player that will allow you to play music audios and videos in a cost-effective manner. Create an impressive playlist by adding some of the best party numbers and rocking tunes and plug and play to add fun and entertainment to the party within a budget. Another option is to ask your friends or relatives to prepare a dance performance and deliver it at the anniversary party to add some fun and enjoyment to the anniversary.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will educate you with some of the best tips for planning an anniversary party within a budget.

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