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6 Things that Your Clients care about the most

Meeting client expectations and delivering remarkable and splendid outcomes to the clients is potentially challenging in this era of ever-increasing client demands and consistently changing clients’ expectations.

Earning success in event planning business has become a challenging endeavor since it involves delivering the best outcomes through the blend of perfect venue, decors, lighting, catering, music and other elements. Smart and knowledgeable clients of this era place heavy demands that make it challenging to deliver outcomes that meet/surpass their expectations.

Clients pay substantial importance to several event management aspects. Through this blog, we will familiarize you with the Top 6 Things that clients care about the most in event planning/management.

6 Things that Your Clients care about the Most

We will now bring forth the list of things that clients care about the most when it comes to hosting an event for them:

1. Event Venue: The venue that you choose for the event is probably the most important aspect that the client cares about while rating your services since the choice of venue sets the scene, dictates many choices associated with the event and influences the overall guests’ experience extensively. You must choose a venue that has adequate space to accommodate the anticipated guest size yet is not ‘large enough’ to fill an air of emptiness to space.

Further, the selected venue must be easily accessible via both public and private transport means, must have good and impressive interiors, must be equipped with parking lots to allow the guests to park their vehicles in a safe and convenient manner, must be equipped with modern amenities and facilities to enhance guests’ experience and must be good in terms of general upkeep, cleanliness and maintenance. Further, the chosen venue must be accordance with the theme of the event and must align with event objectives to ensure that the event emerges as a success.

2. Decorations: Another important factor that clients care about the most is the decors used at the event. Decors have a substantial impact on how the event emerges and tremendously impacts the overall guests’ experience. Everything from the lighting to the seating options to stage and venue decors to flooring greatly impacts the look, feel and ambiance of the event. You must be creative and innovative while making the choice of room decors, lighting and seating options to ensure the best utilization of space while also assuring that the decors go well with the event objectives.

Depending upon the scope of the event, the lighting can utilize a combination of ambient, accent and recessed lights. Similarly, the decors can include vibrant floral patterns, drapes, fabrics, paper lanterns, adorable tablecloths, centerpieces, balloons, etc that go well with the scope of the event. Similarly, the choice of seating can be done to ensure that it goes well with the scope of the event. You can opt for theatre style seating layout, herringbone layout, horseshoe layout, conference style layout, banquet layout, classroom style layout, etc depending upon the nature of the event and accordingly select the seating options that offer comfort and convenience to the guests.

3. Food and Beverages: Food and beverages is another aspect that the clients pay special attention to since it has the potential to enhance the guests’ overall experience. You must design a menu that offers unique, innovative and exquisite cuisines and beverages. The choice of food and beverages will greatly vary according to the scope of the event and must be designed considering the preferences of the guests and client. You can delight the clients’ and their guests by serving seasonal and exquisite items, serving salads and numerous options for starters, main course, and two or more desserts. Further, beverages must include cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks and liquor that again varies according to client expectations. You must design a menu that goes well with the event theme and is incredible enough to keep the guests enthralled and hooked.

4. Music and Entertainment /Acoustics: Music and entertainment is another aspect that captures the fancy of the clients since music holds the potential of enriching the mood and feel of the event. Soft and subtle background music boosts up the mood of the event and helps to keep the guests enthralled. From light western music to DJ to party songs to pop to hip-hop music, the choice of music must be made in order that it goes well with the event theme and objectives. Further, the choice of live performers and guest speakers must be made in a manner that it goes well with the scope of the event.

5. Professionalism and Etiquettes of Support Staff: Clients pay special attention to professionalism and etiquettes of support staff. You must ensure that the support staff involved in guests’ greeting, servicing and overall event hosting. The support staff must be well-mannered and formally dressed up to make the event look professional and well-organized. You must hire the right talent with good etiquettes and mannerisms and train them in aspects such as guest greeting, servicing, event up and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the venue.

6. Value for Money: One of the main things that the clients pay attention to is that whether they are getting value for money, i.e. whether the services are worth the cost. You must focus on ensuring complete client satisfaction by assuring them value for money. You must not compromise on quality standards for the sake of saving few expenses and must deliver high-quality services to the clients. Pick the freshest and the best of ingredients and vegetables while providing the catering services for the event. Also, you must select good brands for liquor and beverages. Further, the music and entertainment options that you chose for the event must be of top-quality to add value to the event. Further, you must opt for top-quality lighting, decors and seating options to create an ambient and vibrant atmosphere at the event. Your main focus should be delivering top-quality services to your clients to be able to deliver the value for money.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the things your clients care about the most when it comes to hosting an event for them.

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