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How to Take Your Event Consulting to the Next Level

Earning success in event planning business and establishing a loyal customer base has become increasingly challenging these days due to immense market competition with planners competing for a small crunch of the market.

Taking your event consulting to the next level requires a mix of personality traits, tactics, and strategies to convince your clients and grab the deal.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best tips and tactics for taking your event planning business to the next level.

How To Take Your Event Consulting to the Next Level

We will now share some of the best tips and tactics that can help you take your event planning business to the next level:

Effective Communication Skills: Communication is the heart of event planning business and you must possess top-grade and effective communication skills to be able to engage clients. You must make proper use of gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact while interacting with your clients. Engaging the client and grabbing the deal requires you to speak your ideas and mind with strong conviction, confidence, and clarity. You must pay attention to the clientsbody language while they communicate and be effective listeners to understand the clients’ expectations and desires of the event. You must focus on what’s said, what’s not said and the points/areas the client overemphasizes and be tactful while communicating with the client to be able to engage the client and grab the deal.

Effective Convincing Skills: You must possess effective convincing skills and must be able to sell your ideas to your clients. You must be able to present your strengths, your vision and objectives, your USPs (unique selling points) and the reasons why the client should choose you for over your competitors. You can quote the packages you offer detailing the services included in each package. Quoting your event planning experience in terms of years and stating names of some of your prominent clients also contributes to convincing clients. It is worthy to quote insights from previous event planning experiences to advocate your ideas and views. Strong persuading skills are absolutely essential for engaging the client and grabbing the deal.

Your Portfolio Speaks: Your portfolio speaks highly of your services. You must have your portfolio ready and must carry it at the initial meeting with the client. You must create an impressive and eye-catching portfolio by adding insights and pictures from the previous events hosted by you. It is recommended to include a large number of pictures in your portfolio displaying the services offered by you in terms of decors, catering, music bands/DJs, lighting arrangements, etc. Make sure to design a colorful and impressive portfolio to be able to engage the client and grab the deal.

Negotiation Skills: Effective negotiation skills come into play for client engagement and closing deals. All clients look for discounts, deals, and special offers and offering these definitely help in closing deals. You can put your negotiation skills to use for engaging clients and closing deals. You can close deals by quoting amazing discounts or offering them customized services at the package price or offering them limited period discounts that may prompt them to close deals immediately. Negotiation skills come to use only till the point they do not run you into losses or generate substantial revenue for you.

Location Matters: Majority of event planners fail to recognize the importance of location when going for an initial meeting with the client. Selecting a good and noise-free location is one of the vital aspects of ensuring client engagement and grabbing deals. You can opt for less-crowded and unconventional locations such as beachside, parks, lakes or noise-free locations such as restaurants, hotel rooms, cafes, etc. While opting a location, it is better to look for places that offer good ambiance, lighting, and a pleasant aura. Avoid opting highly crowded or noisy locations for client meetings since they can bring in distractions to your conversation and may make your meetings with the clientless effective.

Greet Your Clients Smartly: Greeting your client carries vital importance when it comes to taking your event consulting to the next level. You must greet your clients pleasantly in a polite tone and have a firm handshake with your client to build a rapport and atmosphere for a good conversation. You must greet your clients with a smile and make sure that the handshake is not ‘too hard’.

Be Factful: Facts and stats are of a great help when it comes to engaging clients and closing deals. Brush up your stats and facts that you can quote to support your idea and views. You can share stats such as the number of clients you have serviced in the past while quoting the names of some of your prominent clients and the services you offered. Other facts you can quote include sharing the percentage of client base you hold, etc.

Speaking what sets you apart/Advertising your USPs: One of the tactics for taking your event consulting to the next level is to quote your strengths and what sets you apart as an event planner. You can advertise and sell your ideas by stating your uniqueness, innovation in your ideas, tools, and equipment you have access to, stating your industry connections, quoting your marketing strategies for events, quoting your media connections and other factors that provide you an edge over your competitors. Quoting your strengths and unique points is one of the best tactics for engaging clients and taking your event consulting to the next level.

Asking them for beverages/Hospitality: Hospitality is one of the best tactics for creating a good first impression on your clients. You must ask your clients for beverages such as water, coffee, etc. even if they deny it or do not require it. Offering beverage to your clients is a token of gesture that you care for the client and helps to build clients’ trust in you.

Take Notes: Taking notes over the course of your interaction with the client is another strong tactic for engaging clients and getting deals. Taking notes during the conversation works in your favor since it builds your clients’ trust in you and reflects that you won’t leave anything out or forget anything you talked about in the meeting. It creates the impression that you are focused and dedicated towards your work.

Eye for Details: Keeping an eye for detail in your initial meeting with the client definitely works in your favor since it creates the impression that you are organized, have a good sense of observation and are dedicated to delivering results as per their expectations.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the best tips and tactics to take your event consulting to the next level.

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