Birthday Party

Steps to Make a Birthday Party Fun-Filled and Unforgettable

Event Manager / February 6, 2018
Birthday Party

Birthday! I think this is the happiest day for everybody that comes once a year. We are excited, we want someone to surprise us and we are super excited to wear new clothes on this day. And on top of this if anyone gives you a surprise birthday party then that would just be like a cherry on top of the cake.Let’s get started with the steps to make a birthday party fun filled and unforgettable.

The steps that we are going to share in this article can make anyone’s birthday party special and memorable. I know how important a birthday is meant to a person whether he is as small as a 5-year-old kid or as big as a 60-year-old grandma. Everybody likes someone to make their day memorable. We the Event Management Companies in Delhi are best in planning the birthday event for any age person.

Throwing a surprise birthday party for someone is the way to show your love and affection for that person and how much you respect and love you have for them in your heart. So, why not surprise your special someone this year?

1. Destination party:

Who doesn’t like to have his birthday party thrown at a destination location? The destination can be a place near the waterfall, a hill station or a far-off resort. So, the most important thing that you have to think about is the location at which the party is going to be held. Just imagine, if the party is held on a beach in the evening, where one side the ocean waves are flowing and the other side o the sand your friends have organized a birthday party for you. Wouldn’t that be so amazing view to imagine?

2. Do not go for a restaurant party :

Celebrating a party at a restaurant is the most common option that most of the people go for. This is the common thing and this will not make your party a memorable one as there will be many uninvited guests noises. Yes, you read that right! Restaurants are often crowded with many other people so you will not get any separate time with your friends and family. So this should be highly avoided.

2.You should start thinking about the party 20 days before it actually going to take place:

You cannot think about what will be the party be like just 20 minutes before the party. So you have to plan at least 20 days prior to the party.  If you will think about celebrating a party few days before then you will definitely not going to end up with a  great party. Due to the shortage of time, you will end up maybe selecting a bad birthday cake or a bad birthday party location.

3. Party halls are so boring:

Avoid throwing a party in a party hall. There might be a case that you have decided to throw a party on a destination like a hill station, but you choose a restaurant to celebrate. Then what will be the benefit of choosing a hill station, when you are still celebrating in a restaurant. You can book a restaurant or a party hall in your home location as well. Choose a location to throw party wisely. On the contrary part, you can choose a natural location like a side of the waterfall or any other more natural place. You might have chosen the best hill station, but if you end up to celebrate the birthday in a party hall then also you will not be able to make the birthday party memorable.

4. Giving invitations is the next step:

You will decide everything and you will invite nobody then what is the use of that party. So, the most important next step is giving out the invitations. To make this thing interesting, you can give out the Whatsapp, Facebook or email invitations. This is a great yet cheaper way to invite your friends. Also, you can even give out the invitation few minutes before the party. To increase the excitement level you can always do some crazy things. For example, the party is about to start in an hour and you are telling your friends the venue 60 minutes before the party. Isn’t this a crazy yet amazing idea?

5. Party time:

The time to party is very important. As the decorations and the venue are important in the same way the party time is also important. You can set up the party in the morning where you will not require any lightings and the cost of the lighting will be saved. You can decorate the sky by flying the balloon in the sky or by just tying them here and there.

Where, if we talk about the night time, you have to do a lot of lighting work. And in fact, this can be the best time to throw a party to make it memorable. You can decorate the party venue with beautiful night lamps, lanterns or even the lighten up balloons. Also, the guests will be more in the evening as in the morning most of the people will be working. So the guests will be halved.

6. Food:

Coming to the food section. This is the most important topic that the people talk about after the party is over. So, you have to take an extreme care of the food that will be served in the party. You can have a lot of dishes and delicacies, whereas there can be some of the signature dishes as well that will be served in the party. For example, You can have a yummy dominos cheese burst pizza, that can be served as the signature dish which is loved by people of all the ages. The eldest person in your family will like the pizza the same way as the smallest person in the family will. This will make this birthday party a memorable one. Because the people are very much interested in what is going to be served in the food.

7. Games:

To make your party fun filled you have to introduce some of the games like dumb charades, musical chair in your party to introduce that fun element. So, to make this idea a success, do not serve very heavy dishes before the games. Because this will not allow people to play games. As nobody will play games with a heavy stomach. Instead, you can serve some light snacks like vegetable Manchurian, stir-fried vegetables,  a light soup or something else. This will keep the guests lights and will help them to play the games as well.

8. Cake:

This is the last step but the most important part of a birthday party. You can use the printed candles that will act as the eye catcher. You can select a cake that is enjoyed by all the people equally and that could be a chocolate cake. Because everyone loves chocolate. That will definitely make a birthday party special.


To conclude, I have shared the steps to make a birthday party fun filled and unforgettable. These steps will definitely leave a great mark on every person’s mind whether they are the guests or the person whose birthday is that particular time. I hope you will find this article beneficial.

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