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How to Organize a Perfect Wedding Party?

The wedding is definitely one of the biggest days of everyone’s life and everyone dreams of a grand, splendid and phenomenal wedding. Planning and hosting a wedding is truly a challenging and daunting endeavor since you need to look into a number of aspects at the same time to ensure that the wedding emerges perfect, magnificent and phenomenal.

Hosting the perfect wedding requires the investment of substantial effort, time and money.

For all those who are encountering a difficulty in planning and hosting the perfect wedding, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with some of the best tips for hosting a perfect wedding ceremony.

Top 10 Tips to Host a Perfect Wedding Party

We will now bring forth the list of the top 10 tips that will help you host the perfect wedding:

1. Determine Your Wedding Budget: You need to first determine a budget that you wish to spend on hosting the wedding. Determining a budget for the wedding at the initial stage is essential since it dictates the choice of venue, caterers, decors, gifts, costumes and other aspects involved in a wedding.

Take the advice of your relatives and close friends when determining a budget for the wedding since they can provide you valuable inputs and frame a realistic budget taking into account all the major expenses and additional costs that may sprout up.

2. Do Your Research/Start a Wedding Folder or Binder: Before you proceed with picking up your phone and calling prospective venues, vendors, and suppliers, you need to first determine your preferences and tastes in terms of decors, costumes, color schemes, patterns, fashion, etc to see what impresses you and what defines your style.

You can consider creating a wedding folder and adding images of the designs, patterns, trends, decors, color schemes, fashion and food that delights you. Determining your style and preferences, in the beginning, will help you approach the right vendors for every aspect.

3. Create a Wedding ‘To-Do List’/Create a Checklist of ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’: Prepare a list of all tasks and activities that need to be undertaken as a part of wedding planning and organization. You must also prepare a list of all the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ that are required to host the perfect wedding. Maintaining a checklist will ensure that every item is included and nothing is left out.

4. Hire Event Planners if necessary: Planning and hosting a wedding all by yourself can be a daunting task since you do not have the experience and may face a lot of confusion when picking up the decors, food, costumes, venue, photographers, gifts, etc. Hiring a wedding planner can be an excellent option to save you from the wedding planning stress and save you time and some expenses.

People may feel that hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense, however, the reverse is true.

Wedding planners can actually save you some expenses since they have good contacts with the vendors and suppliers and can get you attractive discounts and deals from the vendors. Contrarily, you run the risk of being overcharged for services when you approach the vendors from your end and you may not get discounts and deals while doing it yourself.

Further, wedding planners are aware of the areas where costs can be cut and can recommend you economical options that can help you save some expenses and host the wedding within a specified budget.

When considered in an overall manner, event planners save you from wedding planning stress, save you time and expenses and help host a fantastic and memorable wedding within a set budget.

Further, wedding planners help to host a splendid and phenomenal wedding by blending the perfect decors, catering, music/DJs, lighting, etc with the venue.

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5. Be Selective with the Guest List: You must sort out a guest list you wish to invite to the wedding that will provide you an approximate idea of the number of anticipated guests at the wedding. Making a head count database at the initial stage is essential since it will dictate the choice of wedding venue, seating, decors, food and other aspects. Cost per head is likely to be the biggest expense and you can consider limiting your guest list to save you enormous wedding expenses.

6. Pick the Right Venue: You can research the internet for finding the venues in your area that match your style, preferences and budgetary constraints. Consider making a list of all prospective venues and visit them one by one to see whether they match your style and tastes. Make it a point to research and book the wedding venue of your choice well in advance since getting late will leave you with limited options and you may not get the venue as per your preferences and may have to settle with whatever option is left if you make it late to book a venue.

7. Search and Contact Decor Vendors, Caterers, and Music/DJ Vendors: After you determine your tastes and preferences in terms of patterns, decor, food, trends, and music, you must research vendors and suppliers that match your tastes. Go through the websites of different vendors and analyze their ‘Services’, ‘Packages’ and ‘Portfolios’ to arrive at a final list of vendors that match your tastes and preferences. Consider examining the prospective vendors’ services by analyzing videos and images in their portfolios to examine their style and see whether they match your preferences and tastes.

8. Hold Meetings with the Vendors: Contact the prospective vendors and meet each of them in-person to judge their personalities and services. Ask them questions about the type of services they provide, their styles, their working approach, etc. Analyze their body language, gestures and voice tone to see whether they look organized, reliable and client-friendly.

Examine their portfolios that they carry to see whether they match your expectations and ask them to provide some testimonials/references of some previous clients whom you can contact.

9. Contact Testimonials of Vendors: For picking the right vendors for each service, you can consider connecting with the past clients of each vendor and asking them to share videos and images from their functions to evaluate the vendors’ services. Going through the videos and images of the past projects served by each vendor will help you assess each vendor in terms of their styles and quality of services.

You can also inquire each vendor’s past clients about whether each vendor was reliable, organized, client-friendly, flexible and whether they stick to budgets.

Getting reviews and feedback from testimonials and past clients will help you pick the right vendor for each service.

10. Sign Formal Contracts with the Vendors/Pick the Right Decorators, Caterers, Florists, Music Vendors, Photographers:

For hosting the perfect wedding, you need to blend the right decors, food, lighting, seating, photographers, and music.

Pick the right caterers, florists, decor vendors, photographers, entertainment and other vendors by comparing them in terms of their services, style, prices, packages, formal proposals, feedback from testimonials/past clients, etc.

After determining the right vendors that satisfy your filters of the budget, style, tastes, working norms, etc, you must enter into formal contracts with them that will govern your future working.

11. Pick the Right Lighting, Seating, and Decors: Determine your choice of lighting, decors, and seating options and inform your vendors of the same. You can take inputs from your vendors when it comes to picking the lighting, seating, and decor options. Stick to trendy, classy and unconventional options in lighting, decors, and seating that will help to make the wedding extravagant, phenomenal and splendid.

12. Get the Menu Right/Make a Meal Plan: Plan a menu for the wedding taking into consideration your preferences, popularity trends, and budgetary constraints. Ask your caterer what all dishes and beverages can their chefs incorporate in your menu. Consider incorporating exquisite cuisines, cocktails, mocktails, seasonal desserts, delectable starters and main course items to keep your guests enthralled. Also, plan liquor options you wish to serve in the wedding to delight your guests.

13. Communicate and Follow Up Regularly: Effective communication throughout the wedding planning and preparation is essential to ensure that wedding proceeds smoothly and perfectly. You must communicate with all stakeholders and vendors clearly, regularly and concisely throughout the wedding planning till final execution to ensure that they will deliver their services at the required date, time and venue. Follow up with all stakeholders and vendors frequently to ensure hosting the perfect wedding.

14. Make some Music Selections and Provide it to your Band/DJ: Prepare a list of party songs and numbers that will help to enrich the feel and mood of the wedding, keep the guests enthralled and get your guests to the dance floor. Incorporate western music, regional songs and impressive numbers to set the mood of the wedding.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips for organizing the perfect wedding party.

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