How to Organize a Perfect Corporate Event Party?

Event Manager / January 15, 2018
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Planning and organizing the perfect corporate event can be an extremely challenging and daunting endeavor given the high stakes of a corporate event. When planning a company-wide business meeting or a fancy corporate gala or a team building event, organizing the perfect corporate event is a highly stressful task since it requires managing several aspects simultaneously to ensure that each aspect is covered and nothing is left out.

Whether you are a novice event planner or have already organized a series of events, organizing a new corporate event is always a challenging endeavor.

For all those who are facing difficulty in organizing a perfect corporate event, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with some of the best tips for organizing a perfect corporate event party.

Top Tips to Organize the Perfect Corporate Event Party

We will now list the top tips to organize the perfect corporate event party:

1. Determine the Objectives, Goals, and Scope of the Event: The first step is to determine the reason why you are holding the event before you start planning the details of the event. You need to determine what goals and objectives you seek to achieve by holding the event. You need to ask yourself questions such as ‘Whether it is a promotional event’, ‘Whether the company seeks to showcase its accomplishments’, ‘Whether it is a product launch event’, ‘Whether the event seeks to reach out new business partners’, ‘Whether the event is centered on increasing sales or revenue’, ‘Whether the event is centered to honor company employees’, etc.

You need to determine the goals, objectives, and scope of the event at the initial stage before you start planning the specifics of the event.

2. Set the Budget for the Event: You need to determine the budget you wish to spend in hosting the event and you must budget your event wisely, smartly and at an early stage to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. Determine your budget early enough and wisely assign an amount to the different aspects such as venue, food, music, decors and other elements to facilitate spending wisely and save you a little bit expenses.

3. Create an Event Checklist/Make a ‘To-Do’ List: It is wise to create a ‘to-do’ list of all tasks and activities that need to be undertaken as a part of organizing a perfect corporate event along with the timeline/schedule of when these tasks need to be completed.

Creating and maintaining a checklist at the beginning will ensure that each aspect and detail is covered and nothing is omitted or left out while also help you keep track of the overall event progress.

4. Hire Event Planners: Hiring event planners is a great way of keeping away the stress and anxiety of planning the perfect corporate event. This is because the experience and expertise of event planners help them blend the right elements together to make an event remarkable and magnificent.

Event planners help you save on time and enormous expenses since they have a well-established network of vendors that help them get you attractive discounts and deals on services and are also aware of the areas where costs can be cut and will suggest you the most economical options to save you a bit on expenses.

5. Create a Great Support Team: Planning and organizing a perfect corporate event requires looking into a lot of aspects simultaneously and you cannot think of managing everything all by yourself.

You must create an event support team by hiring the right talent having the right skills, knowledge and an artistic bent of mind that will facilitate organizing a memorable, phenomenal and grand event.

Look into the event checklist to determine the team size needed to hold a memorable and perfect corporate event and choose the employees having the right attitude, skills, and know-how.

Assign tasks to your team members with deadlines and maintain a reporting structure to track the progress of the event.

6. Determine a Theme for the Event: Deciding the event’s theme should be one of the first decisions that you need to make since it sets the tone, dictates, and influences all other facets of the event.

Try to pick an event theme that well aligns with the event objectives and goals. Selecting the right theme is vital to ensure blending the right elements together to make the corporate event emerge a grand success.

7. Pick a Date and Time for the Event: One of the preliminary things to hosting a perfect corporate event is to pick the right date and time for the event. Check your community calendar to examine any holidays or special dates/occasions that will maximize the event’s attendees and serve to make the event a grand success. Pick a date and time considering the schedule of your target audience to ensure that they will be available and free on the date and time to maximize the audience’s participation in the event.

8. Determine Your Event Preferences and Tastes/Maintain an Event File: Before you start calling up prospects and vendors, it is essential to determine your tastes and preferences in different aspects such as food, decors, interiors, lighting, music, etc. Research the internet and go through the websites of different vendors to determine your style, tastes, and preferences.

You can consider creating an event file in which you can add pictures and images from catalogs, magazines, and websites of the patterns, textures, styles, designs, food, color schemes, etc that impress and delight you. Determining your style and preferences at the beginning will help you pick the right vendors for each service.

9. Determine your Guest Size: Anticipating the number of attendees and arriving at an approximate guest size at the beginning is essential since it will dictate the choice of the wedding venue and other elements.

10. Scout Locations and Book a Venue: Booking or reserving a venue well in advance is essential since venues get booked several months prior to the actual event date and you may be left with limited choices if you get late and may have to adjust with whichever option is available that will not disappoint you but will also influence the way the event emerges.

Conduct an online research to hunt the different venues that match your style, preferences, budgetary constraints and other filters. Visit different venues to determine the one that matches your preferences and book your desired venue well in advance.

11. Scout Vendors and Hold Meetings: The next step should be to scout vendors online for the different type of services. Go through the websites of different vendors and examine their portfolios to arrive at a final list of the ones that match your style and preferences.

Call different prospective vendors and arrange meetings with them to examine their personalities. View their portfolios at the time of meetings and ask them questions about what type of services they provide, their working style, their overall experience and ask them for testimonials/clients they have serviced in the past.

Analyze their body language, speaking tone, gestures and everything else when holding meetings with them to assess them in terms that whether they look reliable, client-friendly, flexible and organized.

Meeting different vendors in-person will help you judge them and pick the right ones for each type of service.

12. Compare Vendors and Enter into Formal Contracts: Compare different vendors in terms of their style, services, packages, prices, quality and formal proposals to pick the best vendors for each service. Sign contracts with them to ensure professional working relationships with them.

13. Work Out a Menu: Contact your caterer for the event to work out a fabulous menu that will keep your guests enthralled and entertained. Consider the goals and scope of the event, the tastes and preferences of the audience, latest popularity trends and norms in mind while designing a menu for the event.

Pick a food and beverage menu that perfectly goes well with the scope of the event and has the potential to transform the event into a splendid and phenomenal one.

14. Pick the Right Decorations: Work out the right decorations for the event by contacting your decor vendor and asking them to give impressive and valuable inputs and suggestions. Take your vendors’ advice in blending the right decors, lighting, and seating options to host a remarkable and perfect corporate event and make the event emerge a grand success.

Try to pick out-of-the-box and trendy options to make your corporate event stand out.

15. Pick the Right Music: Music holds the greatest potential for setting the mood and influences the feel, aura, and mood of the event. Create a playlist incorporating the best numbers, music, and tunes that go perfectly well with the scope and goals of the event.

Pick subtle and soft tunes to keep the audience enthralled while also boosting the mood and aura of the event.

16. Build a Marketing Strategy: If your event is centered at driving sales and revenue, creating brand awareness or launching a new product, it is wise to build a strong marketing strategy to ensure that the event gets the exposure and publicity it requires to be successful. Use online and offline marketing modes to promote your event, boost up registrations and increase revenue generation for the event.

You can consider teaming up with media partners to garner publicity and exposure.

17. Communicate Effectively, Follow Up and Track Progress: Make it a point to communicate effectively, regularly and concisely with all stakeholders and vendors to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly and perfectly. Follow up with your vendors, colleagues and team members regularly to track the progress of the event activities and ensure that all tasks get completed as per the deadlines. Effective communication and regular follow-ups are the keys to track the event progress and ensure hosting a memorable, remarkable and perfect corporate event.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips for hosting the perfect corporate event.

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