How To Market Your Event In Delhi Using Facebook?

Event Manager / December 26, 2017

Hosting an event in Delhi is a highly challenging task for any organization since it requires the investment of substantial effort, time and finances to succeed. The immense popularity of Facebook among the community makes it an excellent medium for marketing live or virtual events, getting more registrations, engaging more audience, increasing brand awareness and consequently higher revenue generation.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some the best tips through which you can market your event using Facebook.

Best Tips to Market Your Event using Facebook

We now bring forth some of the best tips through which you can market your event using Facebook:

Create a Facebook Event: You can create an event on Facebook either through your personal profile or via your Fan Page. Creating a Facebook event from your personal profile will allow you to send invites to all your friends directly in their inbox. It is always better to create a Facebook event via your Fan Page for business-related events to engage more audience and get more registrations. The drawback associated with Page-created Events is that you cannot message all invitees and only send an ‘update’ to all your fans that appear like a regular update from your Fan Page. 

Pick Memorable, Short and Eye-Catching Event Titles: Pick a memorable, eye-catching and short event title to allow it to create a buzz among the audience. Avoid picking long-event names and pick a sweet, catching and trendy title for your event that helps to captivate the audience and promotes huge audience engagement. 

Choose a Perfect Banner/Captivating Event Profile Picture: Pick a captivating, exciting and eye-catching event profile picture that promotes audience engagement. Take full advantage of the large display area and upload a picture that captivates the audience. Providing a descriptive caption or a call to action in your event profile picture is an excellent way to engage an audience in the event. 

Providing Complete and Accurate Information: It is imperative to provide relevant description about the event such as its category, date, time, venue, directions, ticket sales, registration starting and ending dates, providing registration links, photos and videos from your previous events and the main event homepage in order to promote audience engagement and increase registrations for the event. You can also include a map of the event venue in order to allow it to pop up as a recommendation for nearby friends of attendees and other community. 

Use your Network to send Invites and Keep Networking: You should send invites to your personal connections and also keep expanding your network to promote audience engagement, get more registrations and make the event successful. You must look out for those who will be probably interested in the event and message them privately and encourage them to spread the word. You can also join industry-related groups to cultivate a broader network and get more registrations and audience for the event. Inviting friends using their location is an effective strategy since it will help skipping friends from a different location who will be probably not interested. You can also persuade other event organizers to send invites to their network, announce the event on their Facebook walls and promote it on other social media channels. 

Share and Promote the Event Extensively: For promoting your event and getting in maximum registrations and audience engagement, make it a point to share the event as much as possible. You must share the event on your personal profile as well as company’s Fan Page Timeline. Keep sharing the event frequently in the days leading to the event to get more and more registrations. Encourage your friends and acquaintances to promote and share your event on their personal profiles and by ‘word-of-mouth’. 

Post Regular Updates and Keep Information Fresh: As people show interest in attending the event, make it a point to add relevant posts regularly and updating the audience with fresh event updates, pictures, posts, videos, teasers, banners, etc. to maintain interest and engagement of the audience. 

Cross-Promote: To broaden your audience reach and increase audience engagement, you can tie up with other organizations, brands, and firms and cross-promote on their fan pages, newsletters, events, etc. This will help to spread the word to a wider audience and bring in more registrations and promote higher audience engagement than that achieved through self-promotion.

Add your Facebook Event as a ‘Call To Action’ in your E-mail Marketing: You can also promote the event through e-mail marketing by adding event link to your e-mail footer. You can create a minimalist invitation such as a colorful ‘RSVP Now’ link or button at the bottom of the e-mail messages. This also helps in getting event registrations and promoting audience engagement. 

Use your Company Newsletter to Promote your Event: You can add the event and registration link in your eNewsletter to engage the audience and get more registrations for the event. 

Paid Promotion via Facebook’s Targeted Ads: Consider promoting your event through Facebook’s paid advertising to expand reach, boost engagement and grow revenue. You can select the budget, target audience and other parameters to ensure broader reach, higher engagement, and higher revenue generation. 

Add Social Share Buttons to Your Event Registration Page: Make sure to add social share buttons on the top right of the event registration page to encourage more and more shares from the visitors. Adding social share buttons will immensely help in increasing audience reach, promote event awareness, getting more event registrations and making the event a grand success. Add Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons, LinkedIn ‘Share’ buttons and TweetMeme Retweet Button to expand your event reach and increase event registrations. 

Add Event Registration Link on your Fan Page and offer Live Micro Events: Make sure to add event registration link on your Facebook Fan Page to increase audience engagement. You can also offer live micro events on your Fan Page such as spending some time responding to audience’s queries directly on Fan Page wall or hosting a ‘flash chat’ or an ‘impromptu webinar’ using live streaming apps.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips through which you can market your event on Facebook

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