How Your Event Company Might Be Looting You?

Event Manager / March 13, 2018
How your event company might be looting you

Event management business is also one of the other businesses which are gaining popularity among the customers these days. It is considered that the people nowadays don’t like to manage the event personally and look for the event managers. Event management businesses are hired so that all the activities which are linked to it can be done efficiently. With the help of event management companies, clients don’t have to worry about the management of venue, sitting arrangements, catering arrangements etc. because all of this is taken care of by the event management businesses. Are you also planning to hire the event management business for the event? If yes, then it is significant for you to know that the event management businesses are very smart. They can make fool out of you in various manners and you should know the tricks that they use for attracting the customers. You never get to know when they are looting you because the tricks they use are only the reflection of their experience. They know when to use them and where to use them. So, it is very important for you to identify that when your event company might be looting you.

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How your event company might be looting you?

Below are some of the tricks that they use for the purpose and these tricks will help you out in future whenever you hire an event management company:

1.     Budget

If you think that you are working with the event management business that is very affordable then let me break the bubble for you here. They have told you the prices that are convenient for them. Most of the event management companies lie about the providing of prices that are affordable. What they do is that they will show you the budgets that will prove you that they are actually charging you very less. All the event management business shows you the fake details about the budget. You need to be aware of the fact that the company you have chosen is authentic and genuine.

2.     Experience

This is one mistake that me, you and everyone does. It is very important that before hiring the company for event management their experience in the field should be asked. Here also we need to be aware as showing the experience that is forged not tough for such businesses. Event management companies at the time of hiring shows you the feedbacks that don’t even blog just to reflect that they are in the business from a long time. Thus, if you want to hire the event management business for your event then make sure that the company is authenticated and verified from legal authorities. This will help you in saving from any probabilities of looting.

3.     Fraud policies

Sometimes it happens that the event cannot take place on the decided date so companies that are genuine offer you the refund policies or they have the policy for cancellation. But the companies that are not genuine and providing you the services for the sake of money doesn’t even include such policies. They always make sure that you don’t get to know about their policies or something and even doesn’t even provide information about it. They would never tell you about the refund policies or cancellation because it doesn’t exist anywhere. This is the again one of the mistakes that we all do and it is important for you to understand the policies of a company. Hence, before hiring the business tell them to provide you the understanding of cancellation and refund procedure. It will help you in deciding that whether you should hire the business or not as in some sort of situation you can cancel the event or can have the refund policy.

4.     Forged customer reviews

While hiring the event management business, one thing that can be helpful in understanding the genuine working of the business is customer reviews. With the help of customer reviews, one can understand that whether they are hiring the right company or not. Event management businesses are very clever they won’t let you reach put to their customers so easily. They will show you or make your familiar with the customer who doesn’t even actually exist. Thus, it is important to check out by the person himself or herself that such customer really exist or not. Basically, they represent forged customer reviews in front of you. Thus, make sure that the reviews are looking for are genuine or otherwise you can look at their website if that is there as from there you can come to know about their real services without any sort of problem.

5.     Existence of team members

Event management businesses that are actually genuine will not be scared in any way to confer about the team members or even they will let you meet them for the confirmation. Event management business that is forged or the services are not up to the mark would avoid the question of team members. They will just give a brief idea about the members and would not even provide the appropriate information about the team. Thus, while hiring the event management business it is important to research about the quantity of people who are working with the business. This will also help you in comprehending that how many people are going to take the responsibilities for your event. You can also know that the task responsibility of a team member while managing the event.

6.     Legal certifications

It is important to check the legal certifications while hiring the event management companies. However, these days it is not tough to arrange the fake certificates so that the clients can trust you. You can know that the event management just wants to loot you through identifying that even after asking for the certifications they are not showing it to you. You need to catch this point and should consider it as the serious one because it directly reflects that the business is going to loot you. You should ensure that you have checked the legal certificates of the business and there no any chance of fraud from the company side.

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