How to Organize An Amazing Indian Wedding?

Event Manager / March 10, 2018
organize an amazing Indian wedding

Hearty Congratulations! Your marriage is fixed now.  In this blog, we will be talking about the most amazing tips to organize an Indian wedding. I know the time period between an engagement and wedding is so exciting. We are so excited and also worried about the arrangements of the ceremony so everything goes well. The first-week planning would be the busiest one. You will not even get time to sit and relax. Do not get afraid we will help you with the best tips to organize an amazing Indian wedding.

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1. Estimating the budget:

Are you going to plan the wedding with your saved money? Or your parents are going to invest? Or have you talked with your fiance about the wedding budget? If not, then the time is right to talk to your fiance so both the families can sit and discuss wedding budget and the investments.

2. Estimating the guests for the wedding:

Once you have estimated the budget you will have an idea of how big will be the wedding. You have to make the list of the guests that will be attending your wedding. So you have to make the list of the guests that will be attending your wedding.  I will suggest using Google docs for the same.  Once you prepared the list you will get the rough idea of how many wedding cards have to be prepared to be given to the guests. Also, you will have an idea about the catering according to the guest’s list.

3. Venue:

The venue is the most important part of the wedding where all the ceremony is going to be held. Once the list of the guests is finalized you will have to look for the venue that will accommodate all your guests.

4. Hiring a wedding planner:

This is totally optional but you can go hire a wedding planner for your wedding. The best part of a wedding planner is that you do not have to take any a headache from the whole wedding preparation. The only thing you have to do is just invest. Once the wedding planner tells you the amount you will have to pay the rest of the catering, the venue booking and even the clothing of the bride and groom is included in the budget. This is a great benefit of hiring a wedding planner that you do not have to worry about anything.


To recap,  above are some of the ways that will guide you how to organize an amazing Indian wedding. Remember, that your wedding comes once in your lifetime so it should be the best. And the most important thing that matters to all your guests is the food. So to make the correct selection of the caterers is really important. And, this is the most important point that you should keep in your mind prior to the venue, dresses and the decorations. I hope you will find this blog helpful.

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