How to do Wedding Planning in a Small Budget?

Event Manager / December 20, 2017
wedding planning in small budget

Weddings are highly costly and expensive affairs especially in India and an enormous sum of money ranging from lakhs to crores get spent on functions that last merely three to four days. People these days spend an enormous amount of money for the sake of making it a lavish and grand ceremony. Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful and amazing tasks since one has to plan budgetary requirements for each and every ceremony beside the expenses involved with wedding outfits, jewelry, accessories and other items.

It’s not practical to spend an enormous amount on a ceremony that lasts only one day whilst requiring you to pay for months or even years to clear the debts.

If you are planning for a lavish and magnificent wedding in low budget, you have probably visited the right place since this blog will familiarize you with the best tips that will help you plan a lavish and splendid wedding while cutting down your wedding expenses.

Top 12 Low Budget Wedding Planning Tips

We will now familiarize you with the top tips that will help you plan a lavish and grand wedding in low budgets:

1. Avoid Bloating Guest List/Keep it Small: Though you may feel tempted to invite everyone you know of your wedding, its’ not a great idea in case you seek a low budget wedding. You must remember that every addition you make in your guest list will only add to your wedding expenses. Limiting your guest list to only close friends and family members will facilitate paying less for food/catering and facilitate potential savings in terms of reserving smaller venues, paying for fewer decorations and setup while also making your wedding a more intimate experience. Take some time to evaluate your guest list to decide who really carry worth in your life to be able to arrive at a final guest list of limited people.

2. Choose Wedding Venue Wisely: Hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts and banquet halls charge enormous sums for just a few hours/days reservation. The choice of wedding venue greatly impacts your overall wedding budget since has the potential to increase your wedding expenses tremendously if you opt for a lavish and grand venue. To cut down your wedding expenses, you can consider selecting free or cost-effective wedding venues such as public parks, community centers, your home, temple halls, low-price banquet halls, etc.

3. Make wise choice while selecting Caterers: Catering and food costs tremendously add to wedding expenses since hotels/resorts charge enormously for catering services. You can cut down catering costs by hiring a known caterer or performing market research to find caterers providing best services at low budgets/high discounts or you can seek help from your acquaintances who can recommend low-budget caterers.

4. Design Food and Drink Menu Yourself: Food and drinks enormously add to wedding expenses and it is always good to design food and drinks menu yourself with the assistance of your family and close acquaintances in order to cut down your wedding expenses. Try designing a food menu having a good balance of appetizing starters, main course and deserts and avoid overloading it with too many items. You can cut down liquor costs tremendously by opting a venue that allows you to supply your own liquor, wine, and beer.

5. Design Guest Invites You: Getting your wedding invites custom designed and printed from professionals tremendously increase expenses. You can instead consider designing and creating classy wedding invites yourself with assistance from your artistic friends and then print them once you come up with lavish and trendy wedding invites.

6. Be your own Wedding DJ/Ask for Help/Borrow Stereo Equipment: Hiring DJ/live bands and professional musicians can substantially increase your wedding expenses. Luckily there are excellent ways of cutting these expenses. You can borrow stereo equipment/MP3 player, create your own playlist of some of the best party songs and plug and play to add entertainment and fun element to your wedding. You can also hire student musician or ask your friends/acquaintances for a live performance at your wedding.

7. Wedding Photographers/Videographers: Consider ditching professional wedding photographers who will charge you enormously for capturing the perfect clicks. You can consider hiring a less well-known photographer or someone who has just started their career or someone who shoots weddings as a side business. You can also ask your friends and family members to shoot your wedding.

8. Go minimal with Flowers: Wedding flowers can tremendously push up your expenses and you can cut down your flower bill by wisely deciding the type of flowers to use for decors that will add elegance and beauty to your venue at minimum costs. You can purchase seasonal flowers that will cost you less or you can purchase flowers in wholesale that will help in reducing flower bills.

9. Be Wise with Stage and Venue Decorations: Consider ditching decors that will cost you enormously. Consider using decor materials that will add elegance and beauty to the venue while minimizing costs. You can consider opting stylish candles, balloons, ribbons, picture frames, glass vases and bouquets for table decors, chandeliers, centerpieces, drapes, tulle, waterproof lights, etc.

10. Buy Wedding Dress at Sample Sale/Consider renting your Wedding attire: Wedding attires can tremendously increase your expenses. You can consider renting your wedding attire that will help you save enormously. You can head to stores where you can get designer wedding dresses on good discounts and sales. This will help you find an ‘off the rack’ wedding dress at a reasonable price.

11. Use family heirlooms/Consider renting wedding Jewellery: Purchasing new gold and diamond jewelry substantially increases your wedding expenses. You can consider renting your wedding jewelry including neckpieces, bracelets, and earnings. You can consider borrowing jewelry including neckpieces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories from your friends and family members to cut down your wedding costs.

12. Doing your own Wedding Makeup and Hair: Professional makeup and hair artists charge enormously. Consider ditching professional makeup and hair artists and take assistance and help from your artistic friends who can help you with makeup and hairstyle. You can consider doing your makeup and hair yourself to significantly cut down your expenses or hire less popular professionals who can do your makeup and hair at reasonable prices.

We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips on how to do wedding planning in low budgets.

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