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How Difficult it is to Organize a Wedding in Delhi?

The wedding is one the splendid and memorable occasions of everyone’s life and everyone dreams to have a perfect, grand and phenomenal D-day.

Planning and organizing a wedding is a daunting and challenging endeavor since one has to look into several aspects at the same time to ensure that the wedding proceeds smoothly and emerges a grand, memorable, splendid and phenomenal affair.

Delhi is one of the most crowded cities in India and planning and hosting a wedding in Delhi becomes all the more daunting and challenging.

There’s a reason why people prefer hiring wedding planners these days since a lot of hurdles and obstacles emerge when it comes to hosting a wedding in Delhi.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the reasons as to why it is difficult to organize a wedding in Delhi and why people these days increasingly prefer wedding planners for hosting their wedding.

How Difficult It Is To Organize a Wedding in Delhi

We will bring forth some of the top reasons as to why it is difficult to organize a wedding in Delhi:

1. Difficulty in Booking a Wedding Venue of your choice: Delhi is a highly crowded city that makes is it all the more challenging to host a wedding there. One of the main problems that one encounters while hosting a wedding in Delhi is getting a wedding venue of their choice. People book and reserve banquet halls, resorts, clubs, and hotels several months before the wedding date that makes it difficult and challenging for others to pick a venue of their choice.

The wedding venue is one of the biggest expenses associated with a wedding and can disturb the wedding budget. Not getting a wedding venue as per your preferences and tastes not only impacts the way the wedding emerges but can also increase the wedding expenses tremendously.

Majority of the reasonable venues get booked well in advance and one is left with no option but to book expensive and costly venues that tremendously pushes up the overall wedding expenses. Further, not able to book a wedding venue of your choice also disappoints people while also affecting the way overall wedding emerges.

As everyone knows, the choice of wedding venue greatly impacts the look, feel and aura of the wedding and not being able to book a venue of your choice can shatter your dreams of a perfect wedding.

2. Difficulty in Getting Reliable Decor Vendors/Difficulty in Booking Vendors: Decors and lighting undoubtedly hold the potential for transforming an ordinary wedding into a phenomenal, splendid, and grand one.

When hosting a wedding all by yourself in Delhi, you may encounter difficulty in getting reliable decor vendors since there are plenty of decor vendors in the market and you may face difficulty in identifying the reliable ones. This is because you do not have the experience of dealing with vendors and suppliers that poses a difficulty in identifying reliable vendors who will deliver their services timely and with perfection.

Further, people book decor vendors well in advance usually several months before the wedding in Delhi that again poses a difficulty for others in booking the decor vendors that match their tastes and style.

Ultimately, a majority of people are left with limited choices when it comes to booking decor vendors and may have to accept whichever options are left and available for their wedding date.

Inability to book decor vendors that match your tastes, preferences, and style can be disappointing and disheartening for you since the choice of decor vendor greatly impacts the look, feel and mood of the wedding.

This can be disappointing since your wedding may not emerge as grand and splendid as you dreamt of when you have to adjust with a decor vendor not matching your style and tastes.

3. Difficulty in Booking DJs, Live Performers, Singers of your choice: Thousands of weddings is organized each day in the wedding season in Delhi. Live performers, DJs, singers, and entertainers get booked well in advance usually several months before the weddings. People who are late starters may face difficulty in booking the live performers, singers, and DJs of their choice since they may have been booked already and may not be available for the specific wedding dates.

Everyone desires to make their wedding extravagant and magnificent by inviting the singers, live performers of their choice and booking the top DJs that match their tastes and preferences.

As you know, the choice of live performers, singers and DJs greatly influences the mood, aura, and feel of the wedding.

In a crowded city like Delhi, people are generally not able to book DJs, live performers and singers as per their preferences since the singers, live performers and DJs get reserved rapidly and people are left with no option, but to adjust with whatever options are left. This leaves people disappointed since their dreams of inviting their favorite singers and performers to their wedding get shattered.

4. Difficulty in Booking Caterers of Your Choice: Thousands of wedding functions are organized in Delhi each day and well-renowned and top-notch caterers get booked several months before the wedding.

Getting caterers as per your tastes and preferences is vital since the choice of caterers influences the overall guests’ experience and has a great impact on the wedding as a whole.

In a crowded city like Delhi, it is almost impossible to book the caterers as per your tastes since a majority of them get booked well in advance and people are left with limited choices and have to adjust with whichever caterer is available for their wedding date.

Inability to book caterers as their preferences not only disappoints people but also influences the overall guests’ experience and the way the wedding emerges.

5. Difficulty to Organize a Wedding within a Set Budget: People generally face difficulty in hosting a wedding within a set budget in Delhi since they may not be able to book venues, decor vendors, caterers, DJs and live performers as per their choice and budgetary constraints that ultimately disturbs their overall wedding budget.

Further, people run the risk of being overcharged for different services by various vendors since they are not familiar with the market rates and have no connections that can get them discounts or special offers.

This ultimately disturbs the wedding budget and there are chances of people going over-budget when hosting a wedding in Delhi.


Going through the above-listed reasons, we reach the conclusion that it is wise to hire event planners to host a wedding in Delhi since they not only save you from the wedding planning stress but also lead to time and money savings.

Event/wedding planners have a good network of vendors and suppliers through years of professional working experience that allow them to arrange reliable vendors for your wedding. Further, wedding planners can save you some wedding expenses by getting special discounts and offers from the vendors.

Wedding planners help you save wedding expenses since they are well familiar with the areas where costs can be cut and may advise you the best and most economical options that will help you save wedding expenses and host a wedding within a set budget in Delhi.

Wedding planners have good connections with wedding venue authorities, vendors, DJs, caterers, singers and live performers and hiring wedding planners will help you book venues, caterers, live performers, singers and vendors as per your tastes and preferences when organizing a wedding in Delhi.

For hosting a grand, incredible and splendid wedding in Delhi, you can approach us for any event booking.

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