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How to Hire a Right Event Management Company for a Wedding Event

Planning a wedding is surely a challenging endeavor and involves the investment of substantial effort and time that makes it a highly stressful job. There were times when hiring a wedding planner was only affordable for high-profile clients. People in modern era spend enormously in marriages and a low-profile wedding is not the norm these days. Hiring a professional event planner for marriages not only saves you from emotional stress but also contributes to financial savings, time savings while also leading to a better-looking event.

Selecting the right event planner for a wedding event can be a daunting task since there are plenty of event planners in the market offering a diverse range of packages and services at varying prices.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best tips and tactics you should follow for choosing the right event planner for a wedding event.

Top 5 Tips to Use for Choosing the Right Event Planner for a Wedding Event

We will now bring forth the list of the top 5 tips and tactics you should follow for choosing the right event planner for your wedding event:

1. Perform Market Research: The first step should be performing market research to explore the prospective planners in your area. You must go through their websites and quickly glimpse through their ‘Home’ and ‘About Us’ section to gain knowledge about what type of events they organize, their experience into the wedding planning business, level of services they offer, etc. You must go through their ‘Services’ section to see what type of services they offer and delve into each section to gather the details about each type of service. It is wise to examine each planners’ portfolio carefully and have a glimpse of the photos and videos of the recent weddings they have hosted. Examining the portfolios of prospective planners’ will provide you an idea of the type of decorations, lighting, seating arrangements, catering, entertainment and music options, Jaimala themes and music bands they provide. Going through the portfolio of prospective planners’ will help figure out the right planner since you will get to know whether they provide services as per your desires and expectations. You will also get acquainted with any prominent clients they have worked with and any high-profile weddings they have hosted through their website.

2. Compare Event Planners in terms of Services, Prices, and Quality: Going through the websites of prospective planners will help you compare them in terms of services, prices and quality standards. It is wise to compare the prospective planners in terms of prices, packages, quality standards, impressions, notes and formal proposals to be able to choose the right planner for the wedding. This is one of the best tricks that will help you choose the right planner, but, this must be applied after meeting all prospective planners in person and examining their portfolios. Comparing different event planners in various terms will help to determine the list of planners that will deliver your services as per your desires and expectations, the ones who will offer customized packages and the ones that will fit the quality standards you desire and the ones that fit your budgetary requirements. You must also compare the formal proposals/contract laid out by each planner and compare them in terms of their policies and norms. Performing all of the above activities will ultimately help you choose the right event planner for your wedding event.

3. Hold Meetings for With Prospective Planners to Analyze Them: You must hold meetings with different event planners you wish to follow up with. Meeting your prospective planners will help you analyze planners in terms of their ideas, personalities, reliability, approach, and vision. Holding meetings with prospective planners will help you examine their portfolios, ask questions about the type of events they have organized in the past, the type of services they provide, gather insights from their previous event planning experiences, develop familiarity with any prominent clients they have worked with/provide you references of their past clients. Interacting with them will also help analyze whether they look reliable, possess organized approach, whether they are dedicated and passionate towards their work, whether they are flexible and client-friendly, what type of ideas and vision do they hold, whether they possess unique and innovative ideas, etc. You will also be able to examine their personalities through their gestures, voice tone and body language that will help you make the right choice.

4. Inquire them about What Sets Them Apart/Ask Them their Strengths and Unique Selling Points (USPs): One of the best ways to choose the right event planner for your wedding event is to ask each planner about their strengths and unique selling points that set them apart from their competitors. You must ask them the reasons why you should choose them over others and inquire them about their specialties and the event planning aspects in which they hold expertise. You must inquire about any tools and equipment they have access to that provides them an over their competitors. It is wise to ask them about their strengths and the areas in which they excel and deliver the best services that can include any out of decorations, catering, music stage setup, etc. You can ask them about the aspects in which they are different from their competitors and whether they provide any special facilities for kids in the wedding. Gathering knowledge about the strengths and unique selling points of each prospective planner will eventually help you choose the right event planner for your wedding event.

5. Call/Contact Their References: Calling and getting connected with the past clients of each prospective event planner is one of the smart tactics that will help you choose the right event planner. You can inquire each planner’s past clients about aspects such as whether the planner closely stuck to clients’ budgets, whether they delivered the wedding style as per the client’s expectations, whether they clearly interpreted the client’s ideas, whether they responded quickly via calls, SMS and e-mails, whether they followed an organized approach, whether they delivered good quality services, whether they were flexible and client friendly, whether the wedding emerged as per the client’s expectations, whether the wedding turned out smoothly, whether anything went wrong and the way they handled it, what all they took care of (guest list, setup, vendor meetings and so on), event management aspects in which they excelled and delivered their best (for instance, decorations, catering, venue management, music stage setup, etc), whether they had connections with reliable vendors, whether they provided proper guests’ servicing, whether they were efficient in paying attention to clients’ details, etc.

You can also ask clients’ of each prospective planner to share photos and videos of their wedding events to examine the quality of services offered by different event planners. Get connected with past clients of each event planner and getting to know their overall experiences will ultimately help you choose the right event planner for your wedding event.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the top 5 tips that will help you choose the right event planner for a wedding.

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