Fresher Party Organised in Delhi College

Event Manager / November 21, 2017
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Party, functions, events, shows, fests, make you remember about the college time, as these events are enjoyed by everyone who has attended college time. We Event Management Company in Delhi NCR is paramount and finest event organisers in Delhi who have 20+ years of experience in managing creative, resourceful and versatile events all across Delhi. We event planners in Delhi work Days and nights, with creative planning and determination to make an event successful for our valued clients. We have got an opportunity to manage a Fresher Party in Delhi Engineering College, some second-year students of Delhi Engineering College have called our customer care to book a fresher party for new students of the first year. We arranged a meeting with them and asked about what games, acts, and venue location or any other likings they expect from fresher Party in Delhi. They have told us many things about many options, they really were aware of updated and good venue locations, with unique ideas too. But they didn’t know how to implement in the party and they were unaware of the budget and cost of decoration, venue and other necessary things which are must in offering any party. There our team steps and taken the command in their hands and even told them the difference between good quality things at reasonable price versus bad quality things at high prices. They were unaware of the costs etc. so anyone in the market could have cheated them with high prices, as they were only students who were only in the Second year of Btech Degree.

Games and events in Fresher Party: Many games were included in the Fresher party to make first-year students relaxed and comfortable as most students are scared in the first year to get ragging. Delhi Engineering College is one of the reputed Engineering College in Delhi and ragging is completely forbidden in the college still students get scared due to talk with friends etc. Games which we included in fresher Party are musical chair, Flip the Cup, Singing, Dancing, Acting, mimicry, and much more combined fun related games for fresher’s and senior students Miss Fresher and Mr Fresher was also selected based on their performances in the games, their way of dressing, their way of attitude, their way of talking and different ways of to impress the judges from second-year group management team and one of the event organisers from our company.

Decoration in the fresher party: Mostly we decorate with flowers and lightings, but in this party charts, pics, a few flowers, carpets, tent styles, LED TV, and many other decoration things were included keeping in mind the taste of young college students. But everyone was enjoying the party and no one was feeling bored, even we event organisers in Delhi were feeling that it is our fresher party and feeling of college at once stage in the event.

Gifts were shared among members and new students: Gifts as a token of regard and the welcome were given to all the first year students. Selection of the gifts was done keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of first-year students.

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