Different Wedding Themes to Choose in Summer

Event Manager / February 15, 2018
Summer Wedding Themes

Weddings are one of the biggest occasions in everyone’s life and opting for a theme-based wedding is one of the great ways to make a wedding event memorable, phenomenal and splendid.

There’s no doubt to the fact that summers are a great time for hosting weddings since one can pick exotic venues, funky decoration ideas and exciting options in everything. The advantage of choosing summers for hosting a wedding is that one gets the freedom to choose from plenty of themes that are we usually cannot prefer when hosting a wedding in other seasons.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with different wedding themes that you can choose for a summer wedding.

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Different Wedding Themes to Choose in Summer

We will now share the list of the wedding themes that you can opt for a summer wedding:

1. A Beachside Wedding Theme: 

Beachside is one of the exotic and perfect venues that you can pick for a summer wedding. Opting a beach is a great option since it will help add fun, excitement, and enjoyment to the wedding.

Going for a beachside wedding will help add entertainment, joy, and excitement to a wedding and help you create splendid and memorable memories.

It is wise to keep decorations in light and bright shades and a wedding by the beach will be truly mesmerizing since it will give you the chance to incorporate funny games into the wedding festivities. The awe-inspiring beauty, the beautiful beachside ambiance, the chilly winds, the serenity of the aura, the breathtaking view of the sun and the spell-binding scene by the seashore and the flowing ocean breeze all help to add charm, excitement, extravagance, and fun to the wedding.

The serenity and ambiance of the seashore help create memorable and outstanding wedding memories. When opting a beach theme, you can use floral patterns in bright and amazing shades and can add different funky elements to add charm and extravagance to a wedding.

You can consider making a beach-themed wedding exciting and special by opting for an impressive beach-themed cake embellished with elements such as edible shells, corals, starfishes, sand and beach chairs. It is wise to add sea elements to the wedding table decor and centerpieces in the form of sea urchins, starfishes, seashells, and corals.

2. A Hill Station Wedding Theme:

A Hill station is definitely a great option for a summer wedding since it gives you ample relaxation from the scorching summer heat. Hosting your wedding at a hill station will make your wedding event mesmerizing, magnificent and phenomenal owing to the tranquility and serenity of the ambiance, spectacular view of the mountains, spell-binding scene, and view.

A hill station is one of the perfect and exotic locations for creating beautiful and fascinating memories and opting a hill station will help to add charm, extravagance, magnificence, and grandeur to a wedding.


What better than hosting a wedding by nature. Opt a lawn or a garden or backyard as your wedding venue. Opting a venue by the nature will help add extravagance, glamour, and magnificence to a wedding event. The lush greenery of nature, the serenity and opulence of the view, the chilly winds and the breathtaking view of the sun will all help to make your wedding memorable, phenomenal and fantastic.

The natural beauty and magnificence of the garden combined with stylish and modern decors make the wedding all the more spellbinding. Some of the exciting ways with which you can make your wedding exceptional and memorable with this theme are by using bright colored floral patterns, hanging lights or even chandeliers or opting for quirky lighting in the form of candelabra, Moroccan-style lamps, chairs and furniture in different hues, etc.

4. Rustic Theme/Farmhouse or Countryside Wedding Venue:

What more enthralling and exciting than opting for a countryside or a farmhouse based wedding. This is one of the ultimate themes that will help make your wedding event extravagant, exceptional and entertaining. String lights, hessian, twine, bark, organic fibers, rustic woods, mason jars, etc all help to add charm and extravagance to this theme.

After all, what is more exciting and breathtaking than being surrounded by the lush greenery of nature, the tranquility, and opulence of the view, the breathtaking sight of forests, etc. You can make this theme even more magnificent and breathtaking by using unique lighting, plenty of elegant flowers with chic and trendy decors.

5. Getting Married on a Dock:

What’s more exciting and enthralling than getting married on a dock or a pier. Hosting your wedding event on a dock seems to be a super-rustic chic idea as it helps infuse excitement, entertainment, and fun to a wedding. When opting for a dock wedding, you have plenty of venues to choose ranging from lakeside cabins to rustic retreats.

Having your ceremony on the pier, taking a post-ceremony canoe ride, utilizing a canoe for your drinks, arriving by boat, making a crossed-paddle motif, taking some photographs on a boat and the pier and hosting cocktail hour in the boathouse are some of the amazing ways in which you can add fun, excitement to your dock wedding and make it enthralling.

The beauty and serenity of the venue, amazing and enthralling view, lush greenery of the tropics and the breathtaking view of the sun all contribute in adding charm, extravagance, and magnificence to the wedding event.

6. Choosing Ship as your Wedding Venue:

What’s more exciting and enthralling than picking a nautical theme and getting hitched aboard a ship. The flowing ocean breeze coupled with the chilly winds, the serenity and opulence of the scene and the breathtaking sunset view all add charm, magnificence, and extravagance to the wedding event.

You can consider making your ship wedding special by using decors such as seashells, corals, light grey tablecloths teamed up with nautical blue hues such as turquoise and navy blue, candles in sand-filled mason jars and ropes.

Further, it is wise to opt for a simple monogrammed cake adorned with a playful fondant rope and serving food that can include chocolate seashells, fresh seafood, fish or a wedding cake in the form of a ship all of which will help to add a mischievous touch to the cruise ship theme.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with different wedding themes that you can choose for a summer wedding.

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