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Different Wedding Themes Available in Spring Season

Spring is definitely one of the best seasons for holding weddings since it gives the opportunity to enjoy the aura created by blossoming flowers, beautiful weather and flourishing surroundings.

With so many options at hand and plenty of themes to choose from, springtime is definitely one of the best times of the year to host weddings.

Through this blog, we will familiarize our readers with different wedding themes available in the spring season that they can choose when hosting a spring wedding.

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Different Wedding Themes Available in Spring Season

We will now bring forth the list of different wedding themes available in spring season:

1. Go for a Destination Wedding:

A destination wedding is one of the best options you can go for when opting for a springtime wedding.

With the impressive weather and beautiful surroundings, you have plenty of options        when it comes to picking venues for a destination wedding.

You can choose several exotic locations such as beachside, forts, vineyards, farmhouses, castles, water view wedding venues, countryside, lawns, jungles or wild venues, hill stations, etc.
Opting for a destination wedding is definitely one of the best ways to make your wedding extravagant, impressive and outstanding and entertaining.

Opting for a destination theme will make your wedding event exciting, entertaining and enjoyable.

A destination theme is definitely one of the best options to go for to create beautiful and memorable memories and add charm, extravagance, humor and fun elements to the wedding.

2. Hold your wedding in Vineyards and Wineries:

Rustic themes have garnered immense popularity over the recent years with a lot of people opting for vineries, barns and farmhouses.

After all, what is more enthralling than exchanging wedding vows in the beautiful and impressive aura and ambiance offered by vineyards and wineries.

Vineyards and wineries help to add extravagance and entertainment to a wedding and helps create life-cherishing and breathtaking memories.

With vineyards and wineries, you can be assured that your wedding event will be breathtaking and stupendous since they offer picturesque indoor and outdoor settings and as well as exciting options for photography that help create life-cherishing, breathtaking and exciting memories.

The beautiful scenery offered by the vineyards and wineries along with the amazing surroundings is sure to make your wedding phenomenal and amazing.

3.Opt for a Farmhouse or Barn Wedding:

A farmhouse or a barn is definitely one of the awe-inspiring options to choose when thinking of a wedding theme.

After all, what can be more enthralling than exchanging vows in the beautiful and stupendous ambiance created by the lush greenery of the forests, serenity, and opulence of the surroundings, lavishness offered by the scenery and picturesque settings of the venue.

Opting this as your venue will help add extravagance and thrill to a wedding since you will be spell-bound by the scenery created by elements such as twine, organic fibers, bark, mason jars, rustic woods, hessian, string lights, etc.

Going with a farmhouse or a barn wedding will surely help you create awe-inspiring, cherishing and memorable memories and will help you create the perfect wedding clicks that you will cherish for a lifetime.

4. Go with Lawns and Gardens:

What can be more enthralling and awe-inspiring than exchanging vows in the surroundings of the mother nature.

The beauty and serenity of the surroundings, bright and dazzling flowers blossoming all around, energetic and refreshing breeze, warm sunshine, lush greenery of the nature, perfect temperatures and amazing and picturesque settings all help add extravagance and enjoyment to a wedding.

Going ahead with lawns or gardens as your wedding venue will surely help you create cherishable, phenomenal and breathtaking memories and will help add charm, fun, and excitement to the wedding.

The serenity and lavishness of the surroundings combined with the beautiful ambiance are sure to make your wedding spell-binding and phenomenal.

You can make your lawn wedding extravagant and phenomenal by getting in elements such as impressive floral and decor patterns, hanging chandeliers and quirky lights, brightly colored chairs and tables, amazing centerpieces and decor pieces, etc.

5. A Water View Wedding Theme – Docks, Lakesides, and Piers:

Docks, Lakesides and piers are sure to make your wedding event outstanding and breathtaking. After all, what can be more delightful and pleasing than exchanging vows in the surroundings of the flowing breeze and awe-inspiring view created by the surrounding waters.

Choosing a lakeside or a dock or pier as your wedding venue is sure to add extravagance, thrill, enjoyment, and fun to a wedding and will help you create cherishing and memorable memories.

Serenity and luxury of the scenery, lush greenery of the mother nature, breathtaking view created by dazzling sunlight and splashing waters are sure to make your wedding splendid, remarkable and enjoyable.

Docks, piers, and lakesides offer picturesque settings that will help you get the perfect and breathtaking wedding clicks and will help create cherishing and breathtaking memories.

Some of the ways in which you can add extravagance using this theme include taking photographs on a boat, hosting a cocktail hour in the boathouse, arriving by boat, taking a post-ceremony ride, etc.

6. Go with a Hill Station Wedding:

Hill stations are the ultimate destinations for a springtime wedding. Going ahead with a hill station based wedding is sure to make your wedding extravagant, phenomenal and splendid.

The lush greenery of the surroundings combined with the spectacular view of the mountains, opulence, and serenity of the surroundings and spell-binding view all serve to add magnificence, charm, excitement and magnificence to a wedding and will make your wedding event mesmerizing.

Beautiful decors in the form of bright floral patterns, chairs, and tables in bright and striking hues and hanging chandeliers and quirky lighting are some of the ways to make a hill station wedding mesmerizing and phenomenal.

8. Opt for a Beachside Wedding:

Beachside is one of the best options to make your wedding event phenomenal, enjoyable and memorable. The beauty and serenity of the seashore, the lush greenery of the surroundings, opulence, and magnificence of the scene, splashing sunlight, spell-binding view by the seashore and flowing breeze all help to make a beach wedding mesmerizing, phenomenal, exciting and enjoyable.

You can consider adding the beach elements into your wedding by using edible beach chairs, corals, shells, starfishes and sand in your menu. Further, you can opt for an impressive beach-themed cake embellished with corals, shells, and starfishes and using centerpieces in the form of starfishes, sea urchins, corals and shells.

9. Holding Wedding on a Ship or Yachts:

Cruise ships and yachts as wedding venues definitely help to make a wedding extravagant, mesmerizing and phenomenal. The breathtaking view of the sunlight, the flowing ocean breeze, beauty and opulence of the view and splashing waters all will help make your wedding event fun-filled, magnificent and outstanding.

Use decors such as seashells, corals, urchins and serve food such as edible chocolate seashells, sea-themed wedding cake, fresh seafood, etc.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the different wedding themes available for the spring season.

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