How Difficult Clients can Make you a better event planner

Event Manager / December 22, 2017
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As with any service-based business, event management business emerges with its own set of challenges. Every event planner encounters demanding clients and customers routinely in their businesses who place heavy demands and find faults despite offering them excellent and top-grade services. Dealing with demanding and difficult clients will make you feel pressurized and stressed out, however, will lead to an eventual realization that difficult experiences help you substantially hone and enhance your event planning skills and makes you a better and more organized planner.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with the Top 10 benefits of how difficult clients’ experience makes you a better event planner.

Top Benefits of Difficult Client Experience that makes you a Better Event Planner

We will now bring forth the top benefits of encountering difficult clients that makes you a better event planner:

Help you Become More Effective Communicators: To be able to effectively communicate with your clients and vendors is a vital aspect of an event planning business since a small miscommunication/misunderstanding can produce catastrophic outcomes. An encounter with difficult clients will surely give your communication muscles a workout since they will be highly demanding and may require you to alter your current communication platforms to satisfy their requirements. Difficult clients’ experience will help you immensely hone and enhance your communication abilities and this will definitely benefit you when dealing with future clients.

Help you Become Flexible and Adaptable: One has only two options when one comes across a difficult client – either one becomes flexible or gets out of a difficult relationship. While getting out a difficult relationship is easy, it is not viable every time since you cannot turn away clients every time as it will impact your business and growth. Encountering difficult clients will teach you tactics and techniques to improve relationships with clients. Difficult experiences will prove fruitful in adding flexibility to your dealings and will make you learn the art of compromise.

You Use more Measurables/ You Become more Fact-Oriented: Dealing with difficult clients will definitely help you become more fact-oriented and tactical for selling your services. You will become more ‘fact-oriented’ and will brush up your statistics regularly to be able to state them frequently to win arguments, prove your point and convey your worth and value to the clients.

Helps you Learn Perspective: Everyone has different perspectives and dealing with difficult clients will definitely familiarize you with different perspectives that people hold. Encounter with difficult clients will acquaint you with a wider range of perspectives of seeing something as opposed to dealing with people who see everything the way you do and have similar perspectives as yours. Encounter with difficult clients will help you become more emphatic and will help you appreciate others’ perspectives.

Will Make your More Organized, Professional and Hone your Management skills: Encounter with difficult clients will definitely help hone your organizational, planning and management skills. You will learn the art of multi-tasking, managing several activities simultaneously and delivering the best services. Difficult experiences will help you master the art of delivering excellent outcomes within tough deadlines. You will emerge as a better event planner and organizer since you will avoid all mistakes and errors you committed in your previous dealings. This will help you refine your planning, conceptualizing and implementation strategies substantially to help deliver best outcomes at low costs and high-quality standards.

Will help you Excel in Managing Expectations: Clients usually turn up with unrealistic expectations surrounding the event usually in the mid of event planning. A bad experience will teach you ways to assure that your client expectations are crystal clear to you right at the beginning of your dealings so that you are able to deliver them outcomes as per their expectations. This will also assure that you are not at any financial loss in any of your client dealings since addressing expectations right at the beginning will give you a clear picture and decide on whether to go ahead with the project. A bad experience will teach you tactics to assure that you and your client both hold a realistic view of what the event has to offer or how will it look like.

Help Hone your Finance Management Skills/Help you Save: Bad experiences are highly effective in teaching financial management lessons since you might have experienced financial losses while dealing with specific clients and projects in the past. Encounter with difficult clients will help you master finance management and will emerge as an expert in allocating budgets to different activities. Encounter with difficult clients will immensely hone and enhance your financial management skills and you will learn the art of saving immensely through efficient financial management skills.

Teach you the Art of Mirroring: Dealing with difficult clients will help you learn tactics to adjust your speech patterns, tone, style and body language to match to that of your clients. Encounter with difficult clients will help you learn on tactics and skills to deal with different sorts of people. Mastering the art of dealing with different sorts of people will make your clients feel understood and foster cooperation between you and your clients.

Will Help you Hone your Creativity and Innovation: Encounter with difficult clients will help you hone your creativity and innovative skills since a difficult client may impel you to deliver incredible and remarkable outcomes in highly stressful and pressure situations. Bad experiences will help you tremendously enhance your creativity, innovation and artistic skills that will immensely prove fruitful in your future dealings and help you generate more revenue. 

Will help you learn to Say ‘No’: Bad experiences will teach you valuable life lessons of when to ‘say no’. Difficult experiences will you master the art of managing expectations and help you learn tactics on ‘when’ and ‘how’ to ‘say no’. 

Will Help you Learn When to Walk Away: Bad experiences will prove fruitful is helping you realize your limits and boundaries up to which you can adjust and will help you learn about ‘when to walk away’. There are situations when walking away seems to be the most viable option. This can be in cases when you feel that clients are highly demanding and the revenue earned through the dealing is not worth all the hard work. Bad experiences will teach help you identify clients and their expectations at an early stage and teach you ‘when to walk away and not deal’ instead of firing clients later and dealing with refunds and sometimes lawsuits.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will definitely familiarize you with the ways in which difficult clients can help you become better event planners.

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