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6 Tips To Plan A Cocktail Party For Your Events

Hosting a cocktail party is definitely one of the great ways of entertaining business associates and friends and are also a must-have component of receptions and open houses. Planning and hosting a cocktail party for your events can be a challenging task since it requires you to look into several aspects at the same time to ensure that emerges hassle-free, incredible and grand.

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For all those facing a difficulty in hosting a cocktail party in their events, we have brought forward this blog through which we will share some amazing tips for planning a cocktail party for your events.

6 Tips To Plan A Cocktail Party For Your Events

We will now share bring forth the complete guide to plan a cocktail party for your events:

  1. Choose the Drinks you Wish to Serve at the Party: You need to finalize what all the drinks you wish to serve at the party to keep your guests enthralled and hooked. One of the great options is to delight your guests by serving a couple of signature cocktails and mocktails to make the party exciting and innovative. Serving mixed drinks such as rum punch, etc or a batch of signature mocktails such as sparkling peach punch will make your guests have a great time. Now a days people bring call girls especially Delhi Escorts with them in party and they behave as normal people. Please be safe if you are organizing a party at home.

Besides offering a few signature drinks, you must not forget to offer a fully stocked bar comprising a few types of beer, red and white wines and the basic spirits such as rum, vodka, whisky, tequila, gin, brandy, You must not forget to serve a variety of mixers and garnishes such as club soda, lemonade or lemon-lime soda, tonic water, ginger beer, cola, etc. Further, you must have plenty of lemons and limes on hand for those renegade drinkers.

  1. Gather Appropriate Glassware: It is vital to use a variety of glassware depending on the type of drinks you seek to offer and you need to pay attention to both function and presentation while picking glassware for the party. Your range of glassware for the party must include wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses, pint glasses for beers, straight-sided highballs, rocks glass or lowballs, margarita glasses, tumblers for liquor, etc.

You must consider using stemware since they are an elegant option for serving signature cocktails and you can consider using cocktail glasses with curved stems or gold and silver etched or trimmed wine glasses.

You can also consider using antique glassware that will help to add variety and personality to the party.

  1. Have Enough Ice: You need to stock up plenty of ice at a cocktail party since ice will run out very quickly at a cocktail party. You should not forget that you need ice not only for drinks but also for chilling cans of beverages and bunch of bottles.

It is wise to prefer silicon ice-cube trays or silicon molds since large ice cubes melt at a slower pace in cocktail drinks as compared to smaller cubes and appear more festive in a glass, therefore, you must consider preparing numerous batches ahead of time.

Further, you can use bagged ice for keeping beverage cans and a bunch of bottles chilled in a tub or cooler. You can also use molded ice for chilling bowls of punch.

  1. Carefully Plan out the Food Menu: You must remember that it is not essential to serve a full-course meal at a cocktail party. One of the best ways to keep your guests delighted is to serve plenty of snacks that can include assorted olives, nuts or fruit platters, cheese and meat boards, a mix of hearty baked appetizers, finger foods such as canapes, savory tarts, hors d’ oeuvres, bruschetta, crackers, tapenade, chips and dips, cheese and charcuterie, and sweets such as cookies, etc.

Some of the excellent options to serve in sweets include strawberries coated with chocolate on a stick or chocolate covered fruit on a stick. You can also consider options such as bite-size cheesecakes, meatballs on a toothpick or opt for a simple dip such as spinach-artichoke.

  1. Wisely Plan Up the Decors: It is wise to go ahead with little fanfare when planning up cocktail parties since they are formal events. One of the finest tricks is spreading your decorations throughout the space and you can consider scattering fresh flower vases, accent pieces, and accessories throughout the entire active space. It is wise to use dim lighting to boost the mood of the venue and make your cocktail party more glamorous.

You can consider decking up the venue with elements such as elegant flower arrangements, fine linen, candles, etc and you must make sure to be practical with the positioning of tables to avoid crowding and traffic.

  1. Entertainment and Music: You can consider playing some mellow music or ask someone to deliver a live singing performance to keep your guests hooked and enthralled. It is wise to craft a contemporary playlist incorporating some of the best party numbers that will bring your guests to the dance floor and make the party a roaring and grand affair.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the complete guide to planning a cocktail party for your events.

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