4 Top Wedding Tips When You Are Planning Yourself

Event Manager / May 9, 2018
Indian wedding

A wedding is the most important part of the life. Every person wants its wedding to be like a fairytale. To make a wedding a success we need to have a strong wedding plan. These are the tips I think all of us apply in our weddings to make it a success. A wedding seems to be fun and joyful. Though, it is. But what matters the most is what type of planning you are doing to make it a beautiful memory. In this blog, we are going to be discussing the top Indian wedding planning tips.

All your family member will have an opinion:

This might not be surprising to you but all of your family members, whether it is your mother, sister, brother or any other close relative they all will have an opinion. If you are the person that loves to take people’s opinion then go for it! Take the opinions of all the people then do it what you like the most. You will do anything, but you will still get to hear that you must do this or do that.  The thing that you should always keep in your mind is that stay cool and calm. Do only the things that you like do not change your opinion by listening to someone opinions. Tell them it is a good idea and then let go!!

Don’t cut money where we should actually be investing:

Spend money where it is really visible. We are Indian and we are in the habit to save money by every possible means. But earlier we realize that cutting investment in lighting and decor would not affect most of the budget. Actually when we invest in the lightning and the decoration that would count. As it comes in the things that are noticeable by the guests including the food itself.

Wedding clothes:

Do not wait for the big day just go on and try your wedding clothes twice to thrice. After all, we are talking about the Indian wedding. We have to look perfect all the time. Whether it is chuni, lehenga or anything all the things matter equally because a wedding day is everything for a bride.

While choosing a wedding outfit to keep in mind that you are not choosing something not comfortable. Choose a dress that is not pinching you here and there while you are enjoying the biggest moment of your life.

A wedding is not enough:

After the wedding there comes the second important thing that is the reception day. All that matters to your guest is food, dance and decorations. If your budget allows trying hiring an event planner. Because weddings do not come again and again in life make it more special by hiring event organizers. Life is short journey fill it out with memorable events that will make your life even more happier


We have shared the blog with top Indian wedding planning tips. Make your wedding more special for the above wedding tips. I hope you will find this blog helpful.

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