25th Anniversary Party Planning Tips

Event Manager / May 15, 2018
25th Anniversary party planning tips

Celebrating the quarter of the century of your marriage is really a great fun. Yes, and it’s absolutely normal to be excited on this occasion. You can hire an event planner to make this event even more special for you. From venue, invitation, food, decoration to the party dresses they will organize everything for you. Event organizers make it very easy for the people to enjoy the special moments of their life. In the following blog, we will be discussing the 25th-anniversary party planning tips. So without much talking let’s discuss what are those tips.

List of attending people:

Start arranging a 25th-anniversary party with a list of visitors. Welcome close relatives and dear companions for a little assembling or welcome more distant family, both old and new companions, and partners for a huge festival. Choose ahead of time regardless of whether to welcome youthful kids.

Financial plan:

Setting a financial plan is a standout amongst the most critical gathering arranging assignments. Put aside a little level of your aggregate spending plan as a soft cushion on the contrary part that you acquire any sudden expenses amid the gathering arranging process.


Pick your neighbourhood party scene in light of your financial plan and the number of visitors that will be in participation. Setting choices incorporate a neighbourhood lobby, workroom, eatery, home, or lawn party. Pick a place that runs with a particular topic or one without stylistic layout to go about with a clean slate.


Select a welcome with a silver shading plan to symbolize 25 years. Incorporate data on the welcome, for example, the name of the occasion, the visitors of respect, date, time, and area.


Decorate the setting with tremendous 25th-anniversary party decorations. For fall or winter festivities, shower paints pine cones in a silver shading and hang them with lace. Place the pine cones in a tall vase or low bowl for centrepieces. Finish spring and summer commemoration festivities with brilliant blossom courses of action tied with silver lace.


Serve tremendous foods for your anniversary party visitors. Begin off with delicious starters, for example, stuffed mushrooms, coconut shrimp, cheddar and saltines, and smaller than usual spring rolls. For festivities at eateries or capacity corridors, select a couple of choices and let the visitors pick their suppers. For a backdoor, enlist a neighbourhood food provider that provides the barbecues style admission. Keep in mind to serve beverages, for example, wine, blended beverages, and non-mixed drinks. Serve espresso when it’s an ideal opportunity to eat the anniversary cake.


Hire a live band of awesome excitement all through the gathering. Book a neighbourhood band and demand well-known melodies from the year the couple was hitched, or make it a stride further and contract the band from the couple’s big day!

Arranging a 25th wedding commemoration party is about the points of interest. Make yourself an agenda to monitor every one of the errands and have a fabulous time celebrating 25 years of joy!


In this blog, we have shared the 25th-anniversary party planning tips that will include the list of guests, finance, venue, invitations, food, decorations and amusement. I hope you will find it helpful.

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