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Research Conference Event in Delhi

Workshops Events , Meeting Planning , Exhibitions
Conference planners in Delhi

The conference is very important for growing the knowledge in very less time. As India is among one of the leading countries where research is going on. Students, professors, PhD scholar and researchers come together from different areas across the whole world to join the conference event. Research Conference held in “The Lalit star” hotel in Delhi on 18th June 2017. One of the reputed Engineering Institute from Delhi called our managers to book a conference event in Delhi. We at Event Organisers in Delhi asked about the gathering and presentations of students, scholars and professors and they have given us the whole rough schedule of the conference event. And we then started planning of the conference event. Twenty college’s students, scholars and professors from all over India were invited for submitting papers and posters. Reputed Institute colleges from all over India from engineering colleges was called to judge the students, scholars and find out the best research student and paper. Program of the conference was recorded for on YouTube channel, high-class photographers were called to cover the conference program by best Conference Planners in Delhi. All the students, scholars and professors were given separate rooms for preparing and getting ready for the event as it was the 5-day conference. The Lalit Star is the very beautiful hotel and on 3rd-floor conference room was decorated with a projector and in big hall chairs and tables was arranged. Just outside the hall fresh food was arranged and there was no timing set for the lunch dinner as whenever the person gets time after his presentation or judging an event he or she can have a food as per his or her convenience. This was the international conference and all the topics of the antenna, Smart structure, the Magnetic field was included in the research conference. Winner of the conference event was Rahul from Bihar who became a young researcher of 2017 among all students, scholars and was awarded 1 lakh rupee cash prize and life membership of many books and softwares. Many companies were promoting their brands there and many companies were there to show their products to be used in students, scholar’s research.

Everything was managed so well that no one was confused and disturbed about the planning and conference event presentations. Side wise a workshop at one corner was going smoothly were different brands were presenting and describing their machines and their capabilities was shown by them. Everyone enjoyed the event as in the evening there was a plan for all the guest and students, scholars and professors to go out and get relaxed in Delhi India gate and many outdoor events was also planned. This way many things were organised daily in evening to make students, scholars and professors relax of hectic conferences and presentations. This was among the best conferences at international level which our best event management companies in Delhi organised for Delhi Institute. Apart from managing corporate events our best event management companies in Delhi manage many other events like wedding events, birthday parties and anniversary parties, audition management and award shows. We will also assist you with all theme based events as per your thoughts and make your dream events into reality.

If you and your colleges are planning to have a workshop event or conference occasion anywhere in Delhi NCR call us at 9863522222 or email us at You can also visit our website and fill the form about all of your queries our executives will interact with you within some hours and will assist you with all the plans going on and about theme based events. We will assist you with unique styles and perfect management in Delhi NCR. Thank you for contacting our best event management companies in Delhi or event organisers in Delhi.

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Surprise Birthday Celebration in Delhi

kids birthday , Girlfriend Birthday , Mother Birthday
birthday party planners in Delhi

You know Birthdays celebrations are very special to girls and special we have to make for our girlfriend. So, our client planned to surprise her GIRLFRIEND, as lots of things were going in his mind as his extremist was shouting no need of birthday celebrations, why to waste money, another side his optimist was saying let's do a mesmerising birthday party celebration to her well, you might be thinking about who are extremist and optimist. They were only the inner voice of our client. As per everyone’s knowledge, there is every extremist and optimists are present in every human the decisions depends upon your inner voices only. So, coming to the birthday event for his girlfriend one thought came to his mind that I cannot manage special planning alone, so I called to an Best Event Management Company in Delhi they are the among the top events companies in Delhi and Gurgaon. Event Organisers in Delhi gave various plans like to manage party in the mall, good reputed hotels, etc. finally after lots discussions we fixed to do in a Delhi Saket mall, one of the biggest malls in Delhi-NCR area. We at Event organisers of Delhi and our professional team mates gave a quotation to him regarding the prices of an event and he felt them so reasonable because he was not expecting so less and this was just because of having long year’s relationships and links with other dealers. We planned to arrange a flash mob with a group of dance troops they selected fusion music for to really surprise her girlfriend. We have given him the opportunity to work with their team and practised with guys arranging that flash mob to impress her girlfriend.

The show time came her girlfriends birthday came, he took his GIRLFRIEND to the mall we were roaming in the mall we came to the top floor all of a sudden the music played dancers were coming one by one we were watching and enjoying the show as planned he joined the troop. Her lovely girlfriend was shocked and stunned at that moment. It was very nicely organised by the BEST EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY IN DELHI. Now it was the time for the group music band came to sing the birthday song, they got the cake she sliced the cake with lots of joy n she enjoyed her every moment of her birthday. Birthday is very special it is the day very special to every one of us. We at best Event Management Company in Delhi make the birthday parties or events very special to our clients and their relatives and friends. By planning with a very detailed way event organisers of Delhi accomplished a very fantastic job and we have the good community and we also provide superb birthday theme based on your interest. Our clients do not have to bother on cake selection, arrangement and decoration, venue location, goods, resources, photography, and all other resources. We will provide you with the outdoor venue by booking a venue as per your convenience and within your budget plan. We Event Organisers in Delhi will provide indoor venues according to your choice and interests. We will make a theme for a birthday which looks very attractive and stunning with a very good with management by our well professional planners and we will make your event as very special to your loved ones.

If you’re planning to decide a party for friends and send them surprise gifts you’re at the right place. Come do register for queries and feel free to contact us and our expert team anytime 24x7. Be a proud father to a daughter by surprising her with a gift of surprise, be a special husband to your wife gifting special moments with our community by unbelievable events which change and increases your love relationship further. Plan a nice birthday gift to your girlfriend by shocking her with surprise birthday gifts and planning to celebrate with a flash mob, music band. Best Event Management Company in Delhi delivers you a unique way of celebrations which you will be enjoyed with your loved ones. We at best event management companies are the top event organisers in Delhi with a good quality supervisions skills and good community who works with actual competence.

We have hosted many birthday events, not only for kids but for all age groups and by spreading the joyful event themes which will be planned by our planners with a focus on the clients smile on their faces.

Come join register to our website for more query do contact us by mail, phone at +91-9863522222.

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Fresher Party Organised in Delhi College

Fresher Party , Birthday , Farewell
Fresher Event Management

Party, functions, events, shows, fests, make you remember about the college time, as these events are enjoyed by everyone who has attended college time. We Event Management Company in Delhi NCR is paramount and finest event organisers in Delhi who have 20+ years of experience in managing creative, resourceful and versatile events all across Delhi. We event planners in Delhi work Days and nights, with creative planning and determination to make an event successful for our valued clients. We have got an opportunity to manage a Fresher Party in Delhi Engineering College, some second-year students of Delhi Engineering College have called our customer care to book a fresher party for new students of the first year. We arranged a meeting with them and asked about what games, acts, and venue location or any other likings they expect from fresher Party in Delhi. They have told us many things about many options, they really were aware of updated and good venue locations, with unique ideas too. But they didn’t know how to implement in the party and they were unaware of the budget and cost of decoration, venue and other necessary things which are must in offering any party. There our team steps and taken the command in their hands and even told them the difference between good quality things at reasonable price versus bad quality things at high prices. They were unaware of the costs etc. so anyone in the market could have cheated them with high prices, as they were only students who were only in the Second year of Btech Degree.

Games and events in Fresher Party: Many games were included in the Fresher party to make first-year students relaxed and comfortable as most students are scared in the first year to get ragging. Delhi Engineering College is one of the reputed Engineering College in Delhi and ragging is completely forbidden in the college still students get scared due to talk with friends etc. Games which we included in fresher Party are musical chair, Flip the Cup, Singing, Dancing, Acting, mimicry, and much more combined fun related games for fresher’s and senior students Miss Fresher and Mr Fresher was also selected based on their performances in the games, their way of dressing, their way of attitude, their way of talking and different ways of to impress the judges from second-year group management team and one of the event organisers from our company.

Decoration in the fresher party: Mostly we decorate with flowers and lightings, but in this party charts, pics, a few flowers, carpets, tent styles, LED TV, and many other decoration things were included keeping in mind the taste of young college students. But everyone was enjoying the party and no one was feeling bored, even we event organisers in Delhi were feeling that it is our fresher party and feeling of college at once stage in the event.

Gifts were shared among members and new students: Gifts as a token of regard and the welcome were given to all the first year students. Selection of the gifts was done keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of first-year students.

Contact Our Executives to book an event: If you are ready to book an event with our event directors of Delhi or Best Event Management Companies in Delhi you are most welcomed. You can just send a message on +91-9863522222 to book an event or call us at same number to enquire about any of your special events. Our Executives will reach you shortly with a number of event options and unique ideas.

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Wedding event managed on 12 May 2017

Wedding , Anniversary , Engagement
Wedding Event Management

Wedding event management company Delhi NCR organised a wedding event in south Delhi. When Mr.Gupta appointed our team to manage their son's wedding event they were scared as time was very limited.They gave us only 8 days to manage all arrangements of the wedding. We know it will be a tough task to manage ladies sangeet, engagement party, barat, Dj party, transportation and room arrangement for all the guest etc. So we planned and partitioned our team into small groups to manage one event and give the manager the final report within next 4 days. Each of our teams was having 1 professionally expert guy who was having an experience of 10+ year in managing wedding events, and all types of parties and ceremonies. Everything was planned in very innovative manner. As the situation was different, time was less, wedding guest and gathering was 2000+ but we Best Event Management Company in Delhi NCR were confident to manage all services and events on time.But Mr.Gupta was tensioned, so we gave a demo plant layout of complete upcoming wedding event on 28th. He was shocked to see our plan and our arrangements. He said us that is it possible what you are saying.This wedding could be arranged like what you showed me and told me.We replied of course 100% yes.

An engagement day come, it was 10th May 2017 and we managed their engagement party event so well that all their guest, their relatives and their family members including Mr.Gupta enjoyed the evening and it was a successful engagement party. Now Mr.Gupta was much relaxed next morning, he was feeling much more confident and he thanked and admired our team mates for arranging such a fantastic engagement ceremony party. And he also said that please arrange a wedding evening like this, our senior manager replied at this that Mr.Gupta don't worry it would ve a wonderful and enthralling wedding event in the night.Stay relaxed. Our whole team was arranging and managing all stalls, food items, led tv, tent, makeup team, groom and bride dresses, transportation facilities, room service for Mr.Gupta son's friend's and other relatives, and other event important things in the well organised way.Nobody in our team was looking tensed and in some sought of the hurdle.Everyone was relaxed and working efficiently for their work plan and everything was planned accordingly.At last wedding ceremony party was managed properly highly admired by Mr.Gupta, their family and other relatives. They reviewed us 10/10 score in event management. They even thanked our team for giving them a memorable day of their lifetime. Even we as a group loved to manage for them, as it was a new challenge for our group to arrange a wedding parties events in 8 days hut we did the fine job. Our manager was also happy and we were admired by our event management company in Delhi NCR

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Anniversary Party in Delhi on 02 Apr 2017

Wedding , Reception , Anniversary
Anniversary Party Organised in Delhi

I Rajeev Kumar, decided to organise 25th Anniversary Party for my parents and I was very worried to manage everything as per my imagination. The Wedding Anniversary of my parents was on 07th Apr 2017 so I called Best Event Management Company in Delhi NCR region to manage my parent's wedding anniversary party. They asked about my location, and one of their executives came within One hour to enquire me about the expectations and budget details. And it was the time of first interaction with Event Organisers in Delhi and I found their executives confident, full of unique ideas, intelligent and smart. Their Way of talking and the list of creative ideas for anniversary party impressed me at the first.

They were making the friendly environment and it helps to express my feelings, expectations and ideas for my parent's wedding anniversary party. So I asked them how much days they will need to decor, book venue, print and send cards to friends, select fruit and foods stalls for the party and manage all things for the anniversary party. And they replied that Sir it will be finished 1 day before the anniversary event. I was very much happy after listening to this that they are so much confident about their work that they have told the exact date for completion of all arrangements. If I would be doing all things on my own I would never do anniversary party like they managed. And truly it was a fantastic and a memorable anniversary gift party for my parents. My parents were surprised and they were very happy to see all the arrangements. I was feeling so good to see my parents happy, and my parents were too happy to see me happy.

One of my brother who was in London came to surprise mom dad at their anniversary party and it doubled the happiness for our family. He bought many gifts and a cake for the party, everyone was excited, and there were different groups for different age groups as kids were having small fun games section to enjoy the day. Everyone who attended the party was looking cheerful and happy and hats off to Event Management Company in Delhi who made this day a wonderful and memorable for our family. I would surely suggest you book them for your family events or corporate parties as they are hardworking, determined and they manage everything within the budget. I am leaving their link if you feel to contact them anytime in Delhi NCR area +91-9863522222 or email them at Their Web address is Event Management Company in Delhi NCR Special thanks to Event Organisers in Delhi or Event Planners in Delhi to manage such a beautiful ev0ent for me and my family.

"Best Event Organisers in Delhi who managed our Anniversary Party for my parents so beautifully and i like their hardwork and detremination for the event management. They are best and top Event management companies in Delhi area."

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Farewell Party Organised in Delhi on 31st Mar

Fresher , Farewell , Reunite
Farewell Party Organised in Delhi

It is very good feeling when we pass our degree and go for higher education or start a new job after degree. But at the same time, we have to leave our college friends and start our new part of life that is a career. And across all region of India, there is a wonderful trend to give farewell parties to their seniors by pre-final years students. Some 5-7 youngsters of Delhi College approached our Event Management Company in Delhi to give them information regarding creative and memorable farewell parties and approx. budget or expenditure for managing a good farewell party to their seniors who are approximate of the strength of 50 people. Our professional experts listen to their needs and requirements and started discussing with them all party details within their budget and best as per their budget.

They booked Royal Resort as a venue for the farewell party and as per their demand DJ was ingrained within their budget. They were very happy as everything was planned beautifully within their cost as they were students, we know about their budget and our team was dedicated toward managing a lovely farewell party for them. We have a team of 10+ year professionals who are creative, confident and determined in their work. On the day of Farewell Party, everything was decorated, managed so beautifully that it was looking like a personal event, we created a sense of attachment towards their seniors by juniors. Everything was decorated about positive nature of their seniors, confident and talent of their seniors. Every senior was given a token of gratitude from their juniors and it was the time when everyone was feeling so emotional. That sense of attachment, fantastic environment was created by Best Event Organisers in Delhi or Best Event Management Company in Delhi NCR.

Special Cards, fun, innovative and creative games, special events, dance party, best quality snacks and food arrangement and many other things made the farewell party so wonderful that everyone who was the part of the party was mesmerized by the farewell party and everyone admired and applauses our event organisers and event management company for managing such a magnificent event. We the best “Event Management Company in Delhi NCR” were again rated and admired positive by our clients. And we as a team feel happy to manage such a wonderful theme event as we learned few new things from that party, as we believe that feedback from every event is our prime and main goal apart from client’s satisfaction. So if you guys want us to manage and organise any theme based event anywhere in Delhi or NCR area you are welcome and it will be our pleasure to manage an event for you people. Thanks have a great Day. Good Bye.

"Best Event Planners in Delhi who managed ouur Farewell Party within our budget, if you want any of your special event to be organised in Delhi just call them at 9863522222. They are Superb Event Planners in Delhi area."

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Birthday Party Organised on 25th Feb 2017

Kids Party , Birthday , Birthday Parties
Karan Birthday Party

Birthday event management company Delhi NCR organised a kids birthday party event in Jahangir puri Delhi. When Mr Sahil came called us and talked about a surprise birthday party for his son our team was ready to make this event party successful and they booked an appointment with Mr Sahil. We asked his expectation, his budget, and the approx number of relatives and friends those will be attending the Surprize birthday party. After then our team started discussing the details and explaining him the complete program details. He was impressed by first the planning which we discussed with him. He asked is this possible as per your words within the budget range. Our manager smiled and said yes Sir! it will be much more beautiful and successful event then we discussed right now. He booked the event and us as a team started working on surprise birthday party for birthday boy "Karan". Our team managed everything in just 2 days and Mr Sahil was fully impressed by our innovative ideas and our creativity and hard work.

And on day birthday celebration day, every relative and friend were very happy to see the arrangements of party and Karan was fully surprised and thanked a lot to all especially to his brother Sahil. We were very happy too, as it was a very emotional moment and love of two brothers for each other. Mr Sahil feedback us very good in service and arrangement and our team was satisfied by their hard work. Birthday Event Management Company in Delhi NCR is best event organisers in Delhi NCR who can manage all your event services as per your requirement, you can surely tell us your event details and enquire anytime on 9863522222.

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Reception Party Organisers on 31st Jan 2017

Reception , Anniversary , Engagement
Reception Party Event Management Delhi

Everyone know a successful event or occasion needs hard work, perfect planning and budget management techniques. We best event organisers in Delhi or Event Management Company in Delhi NCR have good links for a successful management of parties, and wedding event. A fantastic and memorable Reception party was organised by our Event Management Company in Delhi NCR on 2nd April 2017. It was the post marriage party of Mr Sharma’s Son and they called us and asked about managing a reception party in Noida. Our executives programmed a meeting with their family on the same day. And asked them about their expectations about the party, preferred location and venue, a number of gathering, about their budget, food arrangements, stalls, and other necessary items for a successful Reception party. After noting their points, we started our work in a well-planned way. We a team of 10+ year professionals easily managed everything which was looking gorgeous to everyone who attended the Reception party of Mr Sharma Son’s Rohan Sharma.

We were given 5 out of 5 stars in our feedback form and they were satisfied with our team work, innovative planning, time management, budget management and creativity. We also include the post event services to our client and we did the same process with Mr Sharma Son’s Rohan Sharma Reception party event. We managed and helped all guest for transport service, and hotel arrangement for those guest who was having train next morning, and many another such service to make each and every person comfortable and satisfied by our work. Because we believe in client satisfaction more than anything else. So, it was again as a success for our team and a successful party for our client, and a successful work by our event management company in Delhi NCR. Apart from this we Event Management Company in Delhi NCR give other event services like meeting, workshops, brand promotion, wedding, celebrity management, conferences, seminars, shows, award functions, ladies sangeet, ladies kitty party and many such other events at a reasonable cost. To Book any new event you just have to give us a call at 9863522222 or message at this number, there are other options too, you can fill our website form or email us at

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